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The Gentile nation.

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Q: What nation did paul minister to in the bible?
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When did Paul Dean - minister - die?

Paul Dean - minister - died in 1860.

When was Paul Dean - minister - born?

Paul Dean - minister - was born in 1789.

Where in The Bible does Paul of The Bible die?

Paul's death is not mentioned in the Bible.

Was Paul Keating the 27th prime minister?

No. Paul Keating was the 24th Prime Minister of Australia.

Which book in the bible means minister in Hebrew?

No book in the Hebrew bible has a title that means "minister" in Hebrew.

What is the abbreviation for Prime Minister Netanyahu's nation?

The nation of Prime Minister Netanyahu is Israel and it has the following abbreviation IL.

What did Paul Martin do as prime minister?

Paul Martin was the Prime Minister of Canada.

What was Martin Luther King favorite book?

The Bible. He was a Christian minister for years.

When did Titus of the Bible live?

Titus was a companion of Paul. About AD 66, Paul wrote his minister friend Titus to help him understand the pastor's role in the new churches. So Titus was a comtemporary of the apostle Paul around the middle of the 1st century.

Who is Timotheus?

Timothy from the Bible. Timotheus is the King James Version of the word. He was a minister of the Gospel and chosen by the Apostle Paul as a companion and fellow-worker. Two letters are directed to him and he appears in some other letters of Paul's.

Who is Timothy bible character?

Timothy was a second generation believer that Paul the Apostle taught and wrote letters to. From the context in Paul's writing Timothy was a young minister and leader in the Church. Paul entrusted him with many tasks concerning the Church. See 1 Timothy.

How did Paul Revere help defend your nation?

how did paul revere help defend our nation