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Europe came under the rule of one emperor when was crowned emperor

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Q: What nation has the history of oppressing the Irish?
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What is Irish history?

It is the history of Ireland (a nation in the British Isles) and the Irish people. Im from Ireland and I dont consider myslef to be from a nation in the British Isles

What is Irish nationalism?

Irish nationalism refers to Ireland's struggle for independence during its history, wanting to be a an independent Irish nation.

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When did The Nation - Irish newspaper - end?

The Nation - Irish newspaper - ended in 1849.

When was The Nation - Irish newspaper - created?

The Nation - Irish newspaper - was created in 1842.

How do you spell history in Irish?

the Irish for history is stair

What place does Irish dancing have in Irish culture?

irish history

What has the author J Arthur Partridge written?

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When was Irish Republican History Museum created?

Irish Republican History Museum was created in 2007.

What were the sins of Ahab?

Blasphemy, idolatry, marrying a foreigner, Oppressing the poor, adultery, oppressing a prophet of God

What has the author Ben Levitas written?

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