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Howard Carter was an archaeologist born in England in 1874. This Englishman is famous for his discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. He died on March 2.1939.

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What nation is howard carter from?


Which country was Howard Carter from?

Howard Carter the Archaeologist was from Britain. Howard Carter the basketball player was from the United States.

Who did howard Carter make famous?

What was howard carter famous for

How did Howard Carter die?

Howard Carter died from a mosquito bite

How many kids did howard carter have?

Howard Carter had eleven children.

When was Howard Carter born?

Howard Carter was born on May 9, 1874.

When did howard Carter get married?

Howard Carter was married in 1896. To the love of his life.

What were the discoveries howard carter made?

Howard Carter discovered king tut

Where did Howard carter dig?

Howard Carter discovered Tut in the Valley of the Kings.

Who did Howard Carter get married to?

Howard carter got married to lady Elizabeth.

What did Howard Carter die of?

Howard Carter died in 1939 of Hodgkin's disease.

Why is howard carter famous?

Howard Carter is famous because he discovered King Tut's tomb.

When did howard carter come home?

Howard carter arrived on wedensday May 30 1923

When did Howard Carter die?

Howard Carter died on March 2, 1939 at the age of 64.

What did Howard carter find?

a golden AnubisHoward carter found king tuts tomb

How did Howard Carter become famous?

Howard Carter is famous because he found King Tutankmun

Who did howard carter marry?

I don't know. I thought Howard Carter didn't get married at all.

What did Howard Carter write to his family when he saw King Tuts tomb?

Howard Carter was an orphan

When was Alfred Howard Carter born?

Alfred Howard Carter was born on 1891-01-03.

When did Alfred Howard Carter die?

Alfred Howard Carter died on 1971-01-22.

Who did howard carter work for-?

Howard Carter worked for Lord Cannarvon who hired him to supervise excavations.

Did howard Carter have kids?

Howard had 8 children.

Who helped Howard Carter?

Howard carter got help from Lord Carnavon when he was searching for king Tutankhamen

What was discovered in 1922 by howard carter?

in 19922 howard carter discovered king tutankhamen in the valley of kings

What happened on the 5th November 1922 with Howard Carter?

Howard Carter found the steps to Tutankhamun's tomb.