What nationality is Santa from?

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What is Santa Claus nationality?

Santa Claus changes nationality at will. He is usually Chinese when he is in China, Finnish when he is in Finland, etc.

What nationality is Santa Claus?

The name Santa Claus is Dutch.

What nationality is roque santa cruz?


What nationality is popeye?

Popeye is an American from Santa Monica, California. (According to the official site.)

What Nationality is Santa?

look out for saint Nikolas who is believed to be the figure behind Santa Claus, so in that View Santa Claus is Lycian (a region in Anatolia) which today is part of Turkey. Back then he has been recorded as part of a Greek colony and the speculation is that his nationality was Greek.Santa is North Polian > u Santa can change the way he looks to be any nationality at all, and he is older than most of the nations that are functioning today anyway, so he doesn't really have a loyalty to one country over another. He just tries to fit in wherever he goes, to help make people happy.

What nationality is Saint Nick aka Santa?

St. Nicholas of Myra was born in a Greek colony in Asia Minor (now modern Turkey) about the year 270.

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The main nationality of Greeks is the greek nationality.

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What is Nicaraguas nationality?

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your nationality is your national with reality.

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His nationality Is Brazilian .

How do you spell the word nationality?


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Japanese is the nationality.

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what is the nationality if you are from azerbajan

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Somenones nationality is not defined by the country where he or she lives. If someone with a Belgian nationality migrates to Italy he will still be a Belgian. To change his nationality he will have to follow the procedure to change his nationality.

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