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It is much easier to name the four countries that wereinvolved: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Other countries might have gotten involved, but the war was over in six days, before any other country had decided on that.

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Q: What nations were not involved in the 6 day war?
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Has Jordan gone to war with other countries?

I believe that they were involved in the 6 day war with Israel in 1967.

What year did 6 nation champion rugby change to 4 nations?

It didnt. The game called the Home Nations had 4 countries involved. Pre world war one France joined to make it five nations . However, this was suspended for the duration of the war years. Following the end of WW2 the 5 Nations was re-started. IN 2000 Italy was invited to join a new Tournament - The 6 Nations

What peninsula was involved in the Six Day War?

The Sinai Peninsula was the main theatre of conflict from June 5-6, 1967.

What countries weren't involved in the d-day invasion?

D-Day, June 6, 1944 involved the USA, England, Canada, and France ( the main liberators) and Germany (the prime occupiers of France). Those were the only nations that were primarily involved in D-Day. To name every country Not involved in D-Day would be too long a list. It's a lot easier to name the five countries that were, instead of the Hundreds that were not involved in D-Day.

What does D-Day refer to?

D-Day refers to the day that the Allied forces invaded Normandy during World War 2 in order to remove Hitler from France and the other nations he had invaded. D-Day was June 6, 1944

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How many yeas was the US involved in world war 2?

The US was involved for 6 years from 1941-1945

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When did the US become invloved with World War 1?

The US got involved in the war on: April 6, 1917.

What is Israel's one day war?

There is no such thing called "one day war". You can get info on the "6 days war" on 1967.

Who won the 7 day war?

Israel won the 6 day war in 1967.

How long was the us involved in World War II?

6 years errrrrrrrrr from 1941-1945