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War of 1812

What nations where at war of war of 1812?

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Which nations were at war of 1812?

During which war was the letter written

What was gained by the US from the War of 1812?

They gained respect of other nations etc.

What were the terms of the treaty that ended the war of 1812?

the nations simply agreed to stop fighting

What two nations where opposed to each other in the War of 1812?

England and the United States.

Which nations were involved in the War of 1812?

The USA, The UK, Canada and some French were involved in the war of 1812. There is another answer that is more detailed and very good. Click on the link below.

Was James Madison popular or unpopular?

war of 1812 and the British occupied nations

Which was not a cause of the war of 1812?

France refusing to accept America's position on trade with warring nations

Why is the war of 1812 called the war of 1812?

It is called the war of 1812 because the war was declared and fought in the year of 1812.

Which war was in 1812?

The War of 1812

What was the impact of the War of 1812?

Although the War of 1812 had no geographical or policy changes, the war affected the nations in other ways. American fears of the Indians vanished and Britain found out America could take care of herself.

Why is the War of 1812 commonly called the war of 1812?

The War of 1812 began in 1812. It used to be referred to as the War of 1812-1814, but that name became too cumbersome and ultimately, through general usage, was shortened to the War of 1812.

What war was in 1812 in US?

The war in which the americans go to war with the british also known as, "the war of 1812"

Why was there a 1812 war?

why was there a 1812 war

Was the battle of tippecanoe BEFORE the war of 1812?

it was after the war of 1812 started but it was in 1812

What was the Month of the war of 1812 was declared?

The war of 1812 was declared in June of 1812.

Who was in the War of 1812 caused European nations to gain respect for the US?

France already respected the US; Britain respected the US after the war.

What was the name of the war of 1812?

it is called the war of 1812

Why did war of 1812 start?

why did they start the war of 1812

Where did the war of 1812 at?

the war of 1812 was fought in America

What war was going on in the year 1812?

The war of 1812.

What year was the War of 1812?

The War of 1812 was declared on Britain on July 17, 1812. 

Did the Revolutinary war coma before the war of 1812?

yes the war of 1812 was 1812-1814 the Revolutionary war was from 1775 to 1783.

In the war of 1812 what war was taking place when the letter was written?

War of 1812

When was the war if 1812?

like the name of the war.....1812-1814

What was the name of the war that took place in 1812?

The war of 1812