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what natives did matthew flinders meet on his journey


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No one is sure where he had landed in the Newfoundland so no one is sure if he did or did not meet the Natives.

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In Antarctica, there are no natives: it's tool cold there to support life.

yes on his 1609 trip he sailed up the Hudson and meet natives. there was curiosity and some violence that went between them. but overall there was peace

Matthew and Jesus met in Capernaum. Matthew was collecting taxes at the time.

Yes, he met some Natives in Brazil and when he was crossing the strait of Magellan

i believe he was the person to meet the natives

In Africa, he met some natives.

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They meet through a friend Liz.

Jesus met Matthew , who was collecting taxes at the tax table.

the iriquois and the mikmaqs

Near the middle of Washington and North Dakota.

The natives living there who he thought would be good slaves.

its goku but i dont know go and get married idiot

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They met Sacagawea, and she helped them by translating.

he met the natives and treated them like garbage he gave them lame stuff

he met the natives. which are haudenosaunee thats all i know'

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