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love and beauty are associated with aphrodite.

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Q: What natural phenomenon is associated with Aphrodite?
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What was Aphrodites natural phenomenon?

Aphrodite was a very seductive and sexy goddess. She was always on the road with all different mortal men and gods such as Zeus. Aphrodite's natural phenomenon is that when she was tricking Hercules into carrying her to Mount Olympus in his arms, because of her broken wings, Is that she created a pegasus (flying horse) to carry Hercules and herself to Mount Olympus.

February 14th is associated with which goddess?

The Februray 14th is associated with Aphrodite because the Eros (Cupid) is the son of Aphrodite and Ares.

What city is Aphrodite associated with?


Is Aphrodite Roman?

No, Aphrodite is Greek; she was however associated with the Roman goddess Venus.

What was the special object associated with Aphrodite?

The special object associated with Aphrodite was her girdle made for her by her husband Hephaestus. It made everyone fall in love with her. The dove and the goose are the sacred animals to Aphrodite, too.

What holiday is Aphrodite associated with?

valentines day

Is cloud seeding rain theft?

No, rain is a natural phenomenon, and natural phenomenon cannot be stolen.

Time-tested explanation of a phenomenon that occurs in the natural world?

A scientific is an explanation as to why a natural phenomenon occured

Is Aphrodite associated with any animals?

yes dolphin

What weapons was Aphrodite associated with?

A magic girdle, and her beauty.

What goddesses are associated with emeralds?

Sometimes Aphrodite is mentioned.

What musical instrument is Aphrodite associated with?

Harp or flute