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AnswerCompass, cross staff and astrolabe. The latter being a primitive sextant
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Q: What navigation instruments did Christopher Columbus use for his journey?
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What navigation instruments did Columbus use for his journey?

your mom help him

What things did Christopher Columbus bring on his journey?

Christopher columbus rought various foodstuffs such as live pigs, hens, dried fish, instruments and etc.

Where did Christopher Columbus journey end?


Was Christopher Columbus looking for someone in his journey?

no he was not

Was Christopher Columbus a hero after his journey?


How much money did Christopher Columbus have?

Christopher Columbus was given 2,000,000 maravedis by Queen Isabella for his journey.

What ships did Christopher Columbus use?

Christopher Columbus used the Nina,Pinta,and the Santa Maria for his journey.

What did Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand give Christopher Columbus for his journey?

they gave the three ships for columbus' journey

When did Christopher Columbus start his journey?

in 1689 he started

Where did Christopher Columbus start his journey from?

Palos, Spain.

Who sent christopher Columbus on his journey?

king and queen

Where did christopher Columbus journey from?

Palos, Southern Spain

Who sponsored Christopher Columbus journey?

michael jackson

What did Christopher Columbus find on his journey to America?


What navigation instruments did ponce de leon use for his journey?


Did Christopher Columbus write books?

Christopher Columbus didn't write books in general, but he did write one about his journey in 1492.

Where did Christopher Columbus' journey take him?

In 1492, Christopher Columbus left his port in Spain and travelled to Cuba and back.

What food did Christopher Columbus bring with him on his journey?

stale bread

Which country paid for Christopher Columbus' journey?


What was the purpose of journey of Christopher Columbus?

to trade with Asia or India

Did christopher Columbus ever journey to the interior of central America?


What did Christopher Columbus see on his journey?

he found new land

Who help christopher Columbus in his journey?

Martin Alonso Pinzon

What type of transportation did christopher Columbus use on his journey?


How did Christopher Columbus finance his journey?

No he stole money from the poor.,