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What needs to be done when the battery indicator light comes on for a Saturn SL1?


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2004-09-26 09:11:17
2004-09-26 09:11:17

Take it to auto zone and they will check the alt for free. You might clean the battery cables first.


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Your 2004 Chevrolet trail blazer and battery light indicator is always on because the battery has sufficient charge.

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There is no Reset for this light. The light comes on when the charging system is not working, not necessarily when the battery is bad. If the light is on, then your alternator is more than likely bad. With a voltmeter check the voltage at the battery post with the engine running. It should read between 13-14 volts. If not, then something is wrong. Most Auto Parts stores will check you charging system for free.

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what does a low battery light look like on a 2001 Saturn

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If you have 2004 Chevrolet trail blazer and your battery light indicator is on, it is probably because of voltage across the battery is 12.1v.

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The check power light on a vehicle is a warning indicator. A common cause of this is a improperly charged battery.

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