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The game has all of the Superstar / Divas entrances themes along with a playlist of original tracks.

These are ;

  1. " Alive and Kicking " - Nonpoint
  2. " Animal I Have Become "- Three Days Grace
  3. " Riot " - Three Days Grace
  4. " Bullet With a Name " - Nonpoint
  5. " Forgive Me " - Versus the World
  6. " I Ain't Your Savior " - Bullets And Octane
  7. " Lonely Train " - Black Stone Cherry
  8. " Money in the Bank " - Lil' Scrappy feat. Young Buck
  9. " Stitches " - Allele
  10. " Survive " - Rise Against
  11. " The Champ " - Ghostface Killah
  12. " The Enemy " - Godsmack
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Q: What new songs will be on Smackdown vs Raw 2006?
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