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What niche does the sea otter live in?

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Sea otters' niche is to keep kelp forests and the like healthy.

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Where does sea otter live in?

Sea otters live in the ocean.

In what country do sea otter live?

what coutry do sea otters live in

What home do sea otter live?

The sea otter is home to the ocean, being an aquatic animal.

What zone do sea otters live in?

the sea otter zone

What type of climate does the sea otter live in?

In the sea basically!

What ocean does a sea otter live in?

The sea otter is native to the Pacific Ocean coasts of North America and Asia.

Does a sea otter live in a cave?

yes the can

What is the niche of a seahorse?

to live under the sea

Which ocean does the sea otter live in?

Pacific Ocean

What carnivores live in a kelp forest?

sea otter

What climate does a sea otter live in?

A sea otters lives in cold weather.

In which level in of the ocean does a sea otter live?

1 level

Where do sea otter live?

sea others live mostly in the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka, the Commander Islands, the Aleutian.

What animal has the thickest fur polar bear or sea otter?

by far polar bear because the live in much colder weather then sea otter

What are sea otters?

They are a type of otter that live in the sea. They rarely go onto dry land.

At what age does a sea otter pup able to live on its own?


What is causing sea otter deaths?

people are polluting the habitat they live

How fast does a sea otter live down in the ocean?

330 years

When was the sea otter discovered?

in 1832 the sea otter was discovered

How tall can a sea otter be?

A Sea otter can grow up to 7ft!

How many legs does a sea otter have?

A sea otter has 4 legs.

Is a sea otter an ocean animal?

Sea otter is a marine mammal.

What species is the sea otter?

A sea otter is a member of the Family Mustelidae.

Is a sea otter a mammalfishor a invertebrate.?

The sea otter is a mammal and is a vertebrate.

What part of the pacific ocean does the sea otter live in?

in the part where people play