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Rudy Joffroy goes by Rudy.

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Q: What nicknames does Rudy Joffroy go by?
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What is the birth name of Rudy Joffroy?

Rudy Joffroy's birth name is Rodolfo Joffroy.

When was Rudy Joffroy born?

Rudy Joffroy was born on July 3, 1975, in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

What nicknames did Rudy Ricci go by?

Rudy Ricci went by Rudy.

What nicknames does Rudy Cortes go by?

Rudy Cortes goes by Don Rudy.

What nicknames does Rudy Reyes go by?

Rudy Reyes goes by Fruity Rudy.

What nicknames does Jonathan Rudy go by?

Jonathan Rudy goes by Sketch.

What nicknames does Rudy Fischmann go by?

Rudy Fischmann goes by Rudini.

What nicknames does Rudy Seanez go by?

Rudy Seanez goes by Action Traction.

What nicknames does Rudy Youngblood go by?

Rudy Youngblood goes by TeeDeeNae ("Strong Boy").

What nicknames did Richard Tone go by?

Richard Tone went by Rudy.

What nicknames does Rudyard Olejnik go by?

Rudyard Olejnik goes by Rudy.

What nicknames did Kevin Marxen go by?

Kevin Marxen went by Rudy.

When did Alix Joffroy die?

Alix Joffroy died in 1908.

When was Alix Joffroy born?

Alix Joffroy was born in 1844.

When was Renรฉ Joffroy born?

René Joffroy was born in 1915.

When did Renรฉ Joffroy die?

René Joffroy died in 1986.

When was Pierre Joffroy born?

Pierre Joffroy was born in 1929.

What nicknames did Rudy Ray Moore go by?

Rudy Ray Moore went by The Godfather of Rap, and King of the Party Record.

What nicknames does Rahaman Ali go by?

Rahaman Ali goes by Rudy Clay.

What nicknames does Jason Kabakoff go by?

Jason Kabakoff goes by Kabby, and Rudy.

What were 5 nicknames the reindeer called Rudolph in the movie?

mike, bob, reddy, rudy, steve

Where does liesel meet Rudy in The Book Thief?

Doesn't she meet Rudy in the soccer field? When they were playing soccer and liesel refuse to go away. Rudy makes her the goalie, before he scores the ball the goal, liesel blocks it. Liesel grins and Rudy had already thrown a snowball or something in her face. Next day or something, Rudy's mom makes Rudy go to school with liesel, which Rudy has no problems with, cause he likes her..

What happen in scene 3 in novio boy?

Rudy will go will go with he uncle.

Where was Rudy planning to go with the tool box in The Book Thief?

Rudy packs a toolbox to go and steal from the wealthy houses of Molching, from the rich Nazis who stole their fathers.

Who played Rudy in the movie Rudy?

Sean Astin played Rudy.