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You can call the publishers for the last 300 years and ask them. The sheer number of copies published in various countries in multiple languages pretty much makes it a surety. Even Mao's Little Red Book, or the Koran haven't come close to hitting the numbers.

The estimates are that over 5 billion copies of The Bible have been printed and sold or given away. Mao's Little Red Book is around 900,000 and the Qu'ran is at 800,000.

Perhaps Amazon or Publishers Clearing House.

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What does biased mean in this sentence How is this source biased?

It means one-sided, not objective.

What is realizing that every source is biased in some way?

bias rule

How do you constuct a source in history?

A for AUTHOR-who wrote it. B for BIASED- is the source one sided. C for CONTEXT-what does the source tell you. D for DATE-when was the source written.

Difference between biased and unbiased errors?

A biased error is one that is caused by a factor inherent to the source of the error. An unbiased error is one that comes from anywhere.

Are the Accredited Online college reviews reliable or biased?

"Reviews of online colleges can be tricky. Generally, look to confirm the information with at least one other source. Reveiws that come from a organization versus a website are more accurate than those done by ""survey""."

Define false authority?

using a biased, suspicious, or incredible source to defend a conclusion

What does the Bias rule recognize about all sources?

That every source is biased in some way.

No of BPO in Mumbai?

No definite source to confirm that. In reality maybe 1000+

What is likely to be the least biased source of information on the candidates in an election?

Local newspaper. (study island)

Which device have characteristics very close to that of an ideal current source?

a properly biased bipolar junction transistor

Why should a reader wonder about the writer of a primary source and his or her motive?

Because the writer may have been biased

I want to sell Johnny Bench card number 664 what is an offer?

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Which is not a source of funding for scientific research?

selling cheese.

How does a bias affect how credible a source is?

If a source is biased, it provides information which is slanted one way or another. It isn't a credible source because it isn't presenting the facts in a straight-forward manner.

What are the importance of selling concept of marketing?

The Importance of Selling =because it's a good source of income D:o:N:e

which statement best defines the term corroboration?

a using multiple source to confirm a conclusion

What is unbiased diode?

when we do not apply any source of energy or electricity than a Dodie is said to be un biased Dodie.

What is the source of diode in reverse biased condition?

The anod terminal of diode is connected with negative and cathod is connected to positive

When is sudha Chandran birthday?

21 September 1964 Better confirm from alternate source if possible.

What is the definition of Non-credible Website?

Is based on opinion, a biased source and contains little actual information or facts

How do you cite a website within a research paper?

It is unlikely that a website would be acceptable as a source for a scientific paper. If the website quoted it's source then you could consult that source direct to confirm the point and then quote the original source.

What is the most selling shoe brand?

From a source I have found it would be Nike.

What impact does selling crabs have on the bahamian economy?

good source of income

Is bias a secondary source?

Bias is not a secondary source. In terms of historical and academic research and writing, secondary sources are articles and books written by historians and other academics. Secondary sources can be biased based on when the source was written and the author.Ê

What are the different types of selling strategies?

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