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send an empty msg to 225 but it costs 25 or 30 cents....or call customer help 1300555100 ya gotta have credit for that to though... the scum

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How do I get a Virgin mobile phone?

Virgin mobile phones are available at a lot of places now. One place that you check out more information about these phones is at www.phonearena.com/phones/carriers/Virgin-Mobile

Does Virgin Mobile support 3G?

Looking the answers on a internet, it seems that Virgin Mobile does support 3G, although it varies on where the Virgin Mobile is used. One should check the site of Virgin Mobile to see if 3G works on ones area.

Who is the current CEO of Virgin Mobile USA?

Dan Schulman is the CEO of Virgin Mobile USA, you can check Wikipedia to verify. Virgin Mobile is a solid service provider for cellphones, and I would highly recommend it as I'm on it.

On Crazy Johns Prepaid what is the number you dial to check your credit balance?

this number is the customer service 1300 256 866 and they can do it or you can check it online at crazyjohns.com or through the mobile

Where can one check the network coverage for the virgin mobile company?

Perhaps the best and easiest way for one to check the network coverages for the Virgin Mobile company is by simply visiting the company's official website.

How much is the fee for t- mobile if you dont have credit?

Well, there is a program on T-Mobile that allows you to get a phone without a credit check. My friend has T-Mobile because he has no credit.

How much does it cost to unlock a phone on virgin mobile?

check the price features here in Classicunlocking.com to unlock phone to virgin

vin check for mobile home?

can i check a vin number for a mobile home

What are some Virgin Mobile locations in Canada?

There are many Virgin Mobile kiosk and store locations available in Canada. A few locations in Ontario are Leamington, Windsor, Amherstburg, and Chatham. Alternatively, you can check your local Walmart, Costco, or Best Buy, for a Virgin Mobile kiosk.

What is the number to check your credit balance on a 3 phone?

dial 1744 on your mobile phone. if you would like your balance to come up on the screen dial 1745 from your mobile phone.

How can check self mobile no?

i want kavya mobile number

Number to check minutes for boost mobile?


How can i check my all mobile number?

It depends what mobile and what service you use.

What do you need to buy a phone from t-mobile?

You going to sign a contract or no contract? For a contract to get your phone cheaper you will have to do a credit check.

How do you check sms balance in a loop mobile?

You can check your sms balance on a loop mobile, by text a predetermine number to your service provider. The number you have to text will be different with every service provider, so you will have to check with to get the proper number.

How do you check balance on prepaid Virgin mobile?

i have prepaid mobily internet line how i know my balance of time to use

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