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Q: What number does Happy Gilmore have on his hockey jersey?
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In the movie happy Gilmore what hockey team's jersey did Adam Sandler wear?

Boston Bruins

Who are the best French hockey players in the NHL?

Happy Gilmore

What hockey player starred in happy Gilmore?

He did not star but he was in the movie, Joe Sakic

What is the movie Happy Gilmore about?

It's about a rejected hockey player. Happy Gilmore (The hockey player) puts his skills to the golf course to save his grandmother's house. You can read more from here.

In which movie did Adam Sandler play a hockey player turned golfer?

Happy Gilmore

In Happy Gilmore Adam Sandler's character takes up what sport after leaving hockey behind?


Is Happy Gilmore a lefty?

No, Happy Gilmore is a righty.

Was Happy Gilmore really sad?

there is no sad bits in happy Gilmore

What is the duration of Happy Gilmore?

The duration of Happy Gilmore is 1.53 hours.

Who played Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore was portrayed by Adam Sandler.

When was Happy Gilmore created?

Happy Gilmore was created on 1996-02-16.

Which movie came first Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison?

happy Gilmore

What is Adam Sandler character name in the movie Happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore.

What was the Production Budget for Happy Gilmore?

The Production Budget for Happy Gilmore was $10,000,000.

In what movie did Adam Sandler play Happy Gilmore?

The movie was called Happy Gilmore

How long is happy Gilmore the movie?

The runtime for 'Happy Gilmore' (1996) is 92 minutes.

In Happy Gilmore how much money did Happy Gilmore have to make to pay for his mother's house?


How old is the film happy Gilmore?

Happy Gilmore is thirteen years old, as it was made in 1996.

How much did it cost to produce Happy Gilmore?

The production budget for Happy Gilmore was $18 million.

How much money did Happy Gilmore gross worldwide?

Happy Gilmore grossed $41,004,412 worldwide.

In Happy Gilmore who does Happy get into a fight with?


How much money did Happy Gilmore gross domestically?

Happy Gilmore grossed $38,623,460 in the domestic market.

Is rob schneider in happy Gilmore?

Yes. You can do it, Happy!

Where did they film the Waterbury Open in the movie Happy Gilmore?

The course used for the Waterbury Open in Happy Gilmore is the "Furry Creek Golf and Country Club" in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada happy gilmore is awsome

Is happy Gilmore the movie rated M?

"Happy Gilmore" is rated 'PG-13' in the United States and 'M' in Australia.