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Q: What number is the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 1993 Ford Ranger?
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Does the 1993 mercury topaz have a cigarette lighter?

Yes. Not an acessory outlet.

How do you fix the cruise control on a 1993 mustang?

If you have no horn and cigarette lighter, its a fuse.

What fuse location controls the cigarette lighter in a 1993 Saturn SL2?

port # 20

What type of fuse do you need for a cigarette lighter of a 1993 Mercury Villager and where does the fuse go?

Check the fuse box first then the lighter.

What fuse is for the cigarette lighter in a 1993 Plymouth Voyager?

The owner's manual does not state a specific fuse for the cigarette lighter, but it worked a few months ago, and now doesn't. Could it be something else?

What does it cost to fix a broken cigarette lighter on a 1993 S aturn SL-1?

I think that you would just have to buy another lighter. I think that you would just have to buy another lighter.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on a 1992 Chevrolet Lumina?

A fuse panel is in the glove compartment of the 1993 model. I don't know which would be the the lighter itself, but there is a fuse for a "panel".

What if your 1993 Toyota Camry clock radio and cigarette lighter not working?

your 15 A fuse located behind the coin box is blown.

Where can you find the fuse for the lighter in a 1993 ford crown Victoria?

The cigarette lighter fuse on a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria is located in the fuse panel on the driver's side of the dash. A person has to open the driver's side door to access this fuse panel on the side of the dash. The cigarette lighter fuse is the sixth location down on the far left hand side of this fuse box. It is a 30 Amp fuse.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 1996 Passat?

In the facia fuse panel it should be fuse number 33. I hope the fuse 33 is for Passat B5 (1996-2005). The location of the fuse for Passat B4 (1993-1997) is number 21.

How do you replace a cigarette lighter in a 1993 ford escort?

Take the lighter out. Reach behind and disconnect the wiring and then unscrew the back of the lighter a thing called a barrel connector. It is a cylindrical lighter fastener on the back side which fastens the lighter assembly to the car. Turn it counter clockwise as looking at it from the rear.

What would cause the rear defroster and the electric mirrors and cigarette lighter and door locks to stop working on a 1993 Pontiac grand am?

Bad fuse

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