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dead cats nopples

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What nutrients do plant need to survive?

water and sun

Why do leaves have veins?

so they can transfer nutrients, water and other things the plant need to survive around the plant.

How are nutrients important to plant growth?

Nutrients are food therefore they need food to survive.Hi, There are three important nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassinitrogen.

How does the air plant survive without living in soil?

They get the nutrients they need from the leaves that fall from a top them. When the leave falls on top of them, it gets decomposed, and all of the nutrients go into the plant.

How long does a plant that grow with out soil live?

Not very long. About a day or so, seeing as plants need nutrients to survive. Without nutrients, the plant and its cells will shrivel up and die. Along with the plant.

What does a plant need to survive?

A plant needs water, nutrients in soil, sunlight, fertilizer... etc. but not all plants need all of that. Trees need carben deoxide like we need water! Poop...

What plant uses a chemical to survive?

all plants use chemicals and nutrients to survive

What all does a plant need to survive?

sun nutrients(soil) and water if you want to get technical it also needs carbon dioxide

How do leaves help a plant?

by absorbs in the sunlight and the nutrients needed for the plant or plants to survive

How do the roots of a plant help the plant?

The root of the plant delivers nutrients, food for the plant, and water to help the plant to survive.

Do plants need water and why?

Yes, because the water has minerals or nutrients to help the plant grow. Plants do need water to drink, we all need water to survive.

What do Dandelions need to survive?

A dandelion needs water and nutrients to survive.

Do animal needs nutrients to survive?

yes allliving things need nutrients like water and food to survive

Why does the human body need nutrients?

the body needs nutrients/food to survive.

What are nutrients and what nutrients do organisms need to survive?

It eats the cells off of your skin

Why do living organism need nutrients?

to survive and not die out.

Do living things need nutrients to survive?


What nutrients do humans need to survive?

humans need 6 types of nutrients to survive- carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and water... hope this helps a little !!! :):):)

What adaptations does a plant need to survive harsh environments such as a drought low nutrients in the soil and direct sunlight?

Usually plants that live in harsh environs as these, have evolved over time to survive in such conditions.

What does the fibrous roots of a plant help it?

The fibrous roots of a plant help it by getting nutrients from the soil , holding the plant in place ,and helping the plant to survive .

What does a coclebur plant need to survive?

It needs a wasteland to survive

Do plant cells need nutrients?


Do microbes need nutrients?

of course. every living organism need nutrients to survive. they need it for making various proteins used in their metabolism

What nutrients does a bean plant need?

same as any other plant

What does a waterwheel plant need to survive?

there is no answer

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