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A block of cheese, for one.

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Is the Oval Office in the White House oval or rectangular in shape?

The Oval Office in the White House is, in fact, oval in shape. The Resolute Desk that the president sits behind is rectangular in shape, as are the windows in the room.

What everday object is rectangular prism shape?

A brick, book, dresser or shelf, a toy chest or a rectangular box. Rectangular prisms are everywhere.

What object has the same shape as a rectangular prism?

A brick, book, dresser or shelf, a toy chest or a rectangular box.

How does resistance affects an falling object?

It depends on the shape of the object. A spherical object will fall faster than a rectangular object. This is untrue if they are placed in a vacuum.

What is a rectangular shape?

a shape that is rectangular so deal with it

Why are radiators rectangular?

because it is a natural shape that will go with a house because doors are rectangular,so is a bed and a stair case ect

What are the SI metric units for volume of a rectangular object?

I'm guessing by a rectangular object you mean cuboidal object since rectangular objects are 2-dimensional. The shape is actually unimportant though, they are all measured using the same units. Cubic metres is what you're looking for. Hope this helps!

What shape is a soccer field?

Rectangular it is rectangular in shape and has 120 yards

The shape of a rectangular base is?


What is the shape of the base of a rectangular pyramid?

the shape of the base of a rectangular pyramid is a rectangle.

What type of cells tend to have a rectangular shape?

plants cell have a rectangular shape

What is the shape of a refrigerator?


What is the shape of a cereal box called?

It's a Rectangle! * * * * * Actually, as a 3-dimensional object, it is a rectangular prism or cuboid.

Why are notebooks rectangular in shape?

They are in a rectangular shape because it holds more room than any other shape.

What shape are goats pupils Rectangular or oval?

They are rectangular.

What is a shape with 2 rectangular bases?

a rectangular prisim

What 3 dimension shape has a rectangular base?

rectangular pyramid and rectangularprism

What shape is an abacus?

It is roughly rectangular in shape

What is the shape of the parthanon?

The Parthenon is rectangular in shape.

Which 3D shape has rectangular faces only?

A rectangular prism, it has 6 rectangular faces.

How many flat surfaces does a rectangular has?

A "rectangular" is an adjective, not a noun and so there is no way of knowing what the shape is. It could be a rectangular 2-d shape, a rectangular pyramid, a rectangular prism and they would all have different answers.

How do you calculate the weight of rectangular by height?

You cannot.First, rectangular is an adjective and there is no associated noun so the question does not specify whether it is about a rectangular pyramid, a rectangular bipyramid, a rectangular prism or some other rectangular figure.Second, in order to find the weight of an object, you need the volume of the shape, the density of its material and the local force of gravity. The volume of the shape requires length and width as well as the height so the available information is hopelessly inadequate.

What is a 3d shape with 6 rectangular faces?

a rectangular prism

What is a shape called with 6 rectangular faces?

A rectangular prism?

What is a 3d shape that has rectangular faces?

A rectangular prism is the only shape that is made up from only rectangular faces. But there are countless shapes which contain rectangular faces along with other shapes.

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