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Pessaries are devices sometimes used to help with bladder prolapse in women.

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Q: What object is used to hold a bladder in?
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What is a stage specimen on a microscope used for?

it is used to hold the object and to keep the object in place.

How does your bladder work with other systems to keep your body healthy?

The urinary bladder is simple a container used to hold urine produced by the kidneys.

How big is a baby bladder?

A baby's bladder can only hold around one ounce of fluid at a time. As they grow, their bladder does as well and they can hold more.

How much urine can the bladder hold?

A healthy bladder can hold up to 16 ounces (2 cups) of urine...

What is the purpose of the bladder?

A bladder is a kind of 'bag' to hold liquid. We have two: the gall bladder in the liver which stores bile, a liquid used in the digestion of fats, and the urinary bladder, which stores urine until we can conveniently pass it out.

Is it bad to hold in urine?

yes ur bladder can pop and/or u can get a bladder infection

How much liquid can the bladder hold?


What is a air bladder in a football?

to hold air

What causes bladder explosion?

The bladder explosion occurs if you hold your urine for more than 7 hours because the urine overfills the bladder. It's like a balloon that gets too much air. The longer you hold, the higher the risk of bladder explosion will be.

What is a tripod and how is it used?

A tripod is a 3 legged metal object that is used to hold object (beakers and stuff) above something (bunsenburner) it is used by the chemists for performing experiments.

Is it good to hold in your pee?

No it can result in a bladder infection.

What is the function of a rats bladder?

to hold it's urine.