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2nd June 2009 Other important objects considered to be sacred by Catholics are (a) the church, because it is where the people meet for prayer (b) the altar because it represents Christ as the focal point of the church (c) the cross as it reminds Catholics of the sacrifice of Christ. Catholics are supposed to bow whenever they pass the altar or the cross hanging in the church. (d) the vessels used in worship - the chalice and bowl - are also considered to be sacred as they are used to hold the Body and Blood of Christ and must never be used for any other purpose. Catholics also consider the human person (body and soul) to be sacred as all life is a gift from God, and the body believed to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Less sacred are certain objects such a statues, crosses to be worn, rosary prayer beads, prayer books and religious paintings. == == == ==

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Q: What objects do Catholics consider sacred?
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For Catholics, Orthodox and Anglicans the altar itself is the most sacred object as it represents Christ Himself. Sacred objects places upon the altar: chalice for the wine and ciborium (dish) for the bread which, through the power of the Holy Spirit, are to become the Body and Blood of Christ. Other "non-sacred" objects on the altar would be the book of service and possibly flowers and candles.

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in a religious place

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Why do Catholics regard the Passover as the center of Christian life?

Passover is a Jewish observance. Catholics consider the Eucharist as the center of Christian life.