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Q: What obstacle did the Jesuits face in their attempts to convert the native Americans they encountered?
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How did religion shape Europeans treatment of Native Americans?

the euros taught the natives about Jesuits and Ursuline forcing to believe euros had the right religion.

What were the Jesuits members of?

Jesuits is another name for the Society of Jesus.

Who are prominent in higher education Catholics or Jesuits?

Jesuits are Catholics.

What has the author Pierre Du Jarric written?

Pierre Du Jarric has written: 'Akbar and the Jesuits' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Jesuits, Kings and rulers, Missions 'Jahangir and the Jesuits' -- subject(s): History, Jesuits, Journeys, Missions, Relations with Jesuits

Are all Jesuits of Basque descent?

No, not all Jesuits are of Basque descent. However, the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola was of Basque descent.

What did the Jesuits do in the colonies?

The Jesuits preached the Gospel, and educated the youth in the Colonies.

Are the jesuits the united pentecostal church?

No. The Jesuits are associated with the Catholic church.

How do the Jesuits own the Bank of America?

The Jesuits do not own the Bank of America.

How do jesuits receive forgiveness?

Jesuits may receive the sacrament of reconciliation from a priest.

Was Jesuits a monk?

No, the Jesuits are not a monastic Order, they are a preaching, teaching Order of men.

Who created the jesuits?

The founder of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) was saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Why did the Aboriginal People kill the Jesuits?

The Aboriginal People killed the Jesuits because the Aboriginals saw the Jesuits as "evil spirits" who brought upon deadly disease.