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Simply the fact of being a woman in aviation was obstacle enough.

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What obstacles did Amelia Earhart faced in life?

Her dad was an alcoholic, which lead to poverty for her family. Many people were against her fame because she was a woman.

What difficulties did Amelia Earhart faced?

She was living with her grandparents.

What were challenges that Amelia Earhart faced?

she prove that not even men but woman are the same.

What challenges did Amelia Earhart face before her crash?

One challenge Amelia Earhart faced before her crash was that fact that weather was terrible at her destination (where she was supposed to land) so instead she had to land in Howard Island. Another challenge she faced was way before she even started flying. Amelia was diagnosed with a spanish flu pandemic in 1918, which forced her to be in a hospital for about a year.

What obstacles did the Swedish face?

the obstacles that the swedish faced

What are some obstacles James Monroe faced during his presidency?

What are some obstacles James Monroe faced during his presidency?

What were obstacles Adele faced?

She has faced many deaths of family members and she was raped.

What were Walt Disneys Obstacles or Setbacks?

setbacks,competitors and obstacles faced by walt disney

What obstacles were encountered for vasco da gama?

the obstacles da gama faced were, storms,sickness

What obstacles did Zeus face?

he faced the number of kids he had

What obstacles has Selena Gomez faced?

she has had to face starvation

What obstacles did Stephanie rice face?

The obstacles that she faced was runing and escspecialy swimming she's really good

What were the obstacles Franklin D. Roosevelt faced during his presidency?

FDR faced polio, and his nation faced the Great Depression.

What were obstacles that Nelson Mandela faced?

Nelson Mandela faced many obstacles. The apartheid government of South Africa was the biggest obstacle. Another obstacle was the inability of blacks to organize.

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