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what ocean did ponce de leon sail

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What explorer set sail to the ocean blue?

christoper columbus is the answer

What boat did Columbus sail on?

Christoper Columbus sailed on La Santa Maria

What year did christoper cross the ocean?

Columbus crossed the Atlantic in 1492.

Who did christoper Columbus sail for?

spain but just because he sailed for spain does'nt mean he is from spain. (by the way he's italian):)

What ocean will you be on if you sail from Europe to South America?

It is the North Atlantic Ocean, and the South Atlantic Ocean if you sail to the very south of South America.

What is the song seawhatwesea about?

Christoper wild says he wrote at the beach and it's about getting lost in the ocean

Do submarines sail in the ocean or sea?

submarines dont sail idiot

What ocean did christopher Columbus sail on?

he saild on the atlantic ocean

Is the ocean in Salem mass?

No, but if you sail out of Salem Harbor you can get to the ocean.

How do you make a sentence with discover?

Christoper Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 only to discover America

Did Columbus set sail across the Atlantic ocean?

Columbus did sail across the Atlantic. The Pacific Ocean is on the west cost of the Americas.

Did Christopher Newport have any family?

His will listed 4 children, Elizabeth, Christopher, John, and Jane. He had three different wives. Child of Christopher Newport and Elizabeth Glaufield is: i. Marian Newport, born 1615 in St Dunstan, Stepney, London, England, and died 1646 in Turkey Island, Henrico, Virginia, USA; married William Hatcher on 27 Dec 1632 in Ogburn, St George, Wiltshire, England, son of William Hatcher and Mary Smith. Children of Christopher Newport are: i. John Newport ii. Christoper Newport iii. Thomas Newport iv. Elizabeth Newport v. Jane Newport

What ocean did the mayflowers set sail on?

The Mayflower sailed on the Atlantic Ocean.

What ocean sail from New York to England?

It is the North Atlantic Ocean.

What seas Christopher Columbus sail?

atlantic ocean and indian ocean

Was Christoper Columbus a spainard?

No, although he did sail from Spain, on a Spanish mission. Columbus was Italian - well, Genovese, actually. Born in Genoa, in what is now Italy.

Where did Balboa sail to in 1513?

In 1513, Vasco Nunez de Balboa set sail to the Pacific Ocean. He explored the ocean in a search for gold.

What was the year Columbus' first voyage across the pacific?

Christoper Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492!

How long does it take to sail Newport RI to Boston MA?

Forever, if you're waiting to get a direct answer here.

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