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Whales can be found in all of the oceans.


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You must be thinking of the Beluga Whale. They live in the Arctic Ocean.

Whale sharks don't live in states, but the ocean.

they live in you think about it they live in the pacific ocean,antarctic ocean

the whale,and other fishes.(the whale is a mammal)

the only whale that i know that lives in Atlantic ocean is the humpback whale.....

"What are some mammals that live in the ocean?" Here is a list of some mammals that live in the ocean: whale beluga whale sperm whale humpback whale grey whale blue whale seal leopard seal Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises.Because they have fin and gillswhale, dolphin, otter, sea lion, walrus, seals, iguanas, crocodiles or caymen, sea snakes but of these, only whales, dolphins and porpoises continuously live in the ocean. The others primarily live on land.

they live in the ocean.

they live in the tundra and the ocean anywhere

Whales live in the ocean, yo.

the gray wale lives in antatic ocean

It's a whale and it lives in the ocean

There are 2 sub species of the Minke Whale species. One being the antarctic Minke whale which only lives in Antarctic Ocean. Secondly, will have the Common Minke Whale which can life in every ocean.

Most whale sharks, live in the deep ocean and feed on plankton. They live in the open ocean, so the large sharks will not be stranded in the shallows, and to avoid predators that live near the shore. Plankton can be found in the cold deep waters of the ocean, so that is where whale sharks tend to live.

a pilot whale lives in the ocean, just like all whales do.

The right whale lives in the ocean, in salt water.

Killer Whale also called as Orca's live in all ocean. So yes they do live in the Arctic Ocean.

Yes, Blue whales live in the Oceans

The whale should live in saltwater (ocean) because in the ocean is where it get it's food krill, and different whales move to different oceans for the weather.

A number of types of whales live in the Indian Ocean and have been observed there. They include the blue whale, Bryde's whale, Cuvier's beaked whale, fin whale, humpback whale, Longman's beaked whale, pygmy Bryde's whale (Eden's whale), pygmy right whale, pygmy sperm whale, southern right whale, and sperm whale. In the extreme southern Indian Ocean, the Antarctic minke whale and the sei whale might make the list, though they are thought of as Antarctic whales. The International Whaling Commission has set up the Indian Ocean Whale Sanctuary and banned all whaling in the Indian Ocean. The killer whale and pilot whale, both dolphins, appear there as well.

They are both mammals and they live in the ocean.

What zone does a whale shark live in ? If there is no answer, then please list different websites I could go to.

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