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The Channel Island that is the farthest south is Jersey.


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On the mainland, Panama is the furthest south. However including islands, Costa Rica is the furthest south.

The Hawaiian islands are north of the equator and the Solomon Islands are in within the southern tropic, which means that the Falkland Islands are furthest south. The Falkland Islands.

Kyushu is the furthest south of all the main islands in Japan. Though, should you decide to include the smaller islands, the Ryukyu islands lay further south.but the furthest south island of overall country is Okinotorishima in Tokyo Prefecture 20°25′31″N 136°04′11″E

Peru if just considering the mainland. But islands such as Ecuador's Galapogos Islands extend further west than the mainland of South America.

The Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark & Herm) are located in the English Channel on the North coast of France and about 100 miles from the south of Englan.

Possibly the Antipodes Islands off the south east coast of New Zealand.

Solomon Islands is 9.6457° S, 160.1562° E (south of the Equator).Marshall Islands is 7.1315° N, 171.1845° E (north of the Equator).Therefore, the Marshall Islands is the furthest north.

There are a couple of groups of islands. The Farallon Islands are about 35 miles off the coast of San Francisco. Further south, the "Channel Islands" are south and southwest of Santa Barbara.

Hawaii is the furthest south of all the U.S. states.

The channel Islands are in the Contienent of Europe.

CI is the abbreviation for the Channel Islands.

The furthest point south in the continuous US is in the Florida Keys at approximately 24.521075 latitude at the southern tip of Ballast Key. However, the furthest north the Hawaiian islands reach is the northernmost point of the island of Kaua'i at latitude 22.22969.

There are several small islands south/southwest of Tokyo that are considered part of the Tokyo metropolis, referred to as the Izu Islands. The furthest island is Aogashima Island and is 358.4 km south of mainland Tokyo.

The country furthest south on the continent of Africa is South Africa. The farthest south major town in South Africa is Capetown.

Yemen is the furthest south on the Arabian peninsula.

The furthest north city is Inverness. The furthest north town is Thurso but if you include the Shetland Islands, it would be Lerwick.

The Channel Islands are crown dependencies of Great Britain.

Because they are a group of islands in the English Channel.

The major ones are the Channel Islands of which there are 4.

The Channel islands are closer to France than Britain. The Channel islands are closer to France than Britain.

According to geographic experts, Antarctica is revered as the continent furthest south of the equator and has been renamed the South Continent.

Cork is the city that is furthest south in Ireland, though there are many large towns that are further south than it.

I believe the furthest behind in time are the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Chile.

The South of England and if you count the Channel Islands then Guernsey and Jersey.

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