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Q: What of these countries did the US force to adopt a democratic form of government following World War 2?
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What kind of government did Denmark have after World War 2?

World War II reshaped almost the entire face of Europe and the countries that call the content home. Following the war, Denmark created a democratic government.

What are all the democratic countries in the world?

Some examples of democratic countries in the world include the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Japan. These countries have systems of government that provide for free and fair elections, protect individual rights and freedoms, and separate powers between branches of government.

What form of government did may new countries adopt after the world war 1?


Was Weimar republic was the democratic government that came to power in Germany following world war 1?


Is India's government democratic?

India has a democratic system of government. It is the largest democratic country in the world.

Is world Democratic?

No. Much of the world lives under a government that is not democratic.

Is the world democratic?

No. Much of the world lives under a government that is not democratic.

Which country did the US forced to adopt a democratic form of government following world war 2?

country B - apex

Show 10 democratic countries and 5 non-democratic countries on a world map?


How many non democratic country in the world?

There are about 139 Non-democratic countries of the world

Why are some countries democratic and others not?

People choose their own form of government or have it thrust upon them. What is seen as correct in one part of the world does not mean it is fitting in another. There are many forms of government. In the western world we believe that democracy is the most equitable. well to acually answer your question America is 1 of many countries with democratic government some without are VietnAM North Korea Laos Cuba China etc. these countries are communist countries.

How did nuclear weapons factor into communism and the fear of communism?

Most democratic countries feared that if communist nations had nuclear power, they would have the power to overthrow any democratic government and create a new one world communist government.