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Affirmative action

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Q: What of these terms could e defined as the process of government agencies remedying the effects of past and present discrimination?
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The power of the government is defined by the?

the power of the government is defined by the

A government with defined restrictions to its power?

Limited Government :) - Isiah Ramos

Which of these is defined by population territory government and sovereignty?


Which system of government is not defined by a geographic distribution of powers?


What are the four basic types of agencies in the federal executive branch?

The vast majority of agencies in the executive branch of the federal government are: Cabinet; independent; commissions; and government corporations. There are currently 15 cabinet agencies. Most of these are vast and diverse with numerous divisions and or bureaus. For example OSHA is in the Department of Labor. These are the largest of government agencies, and are directed by a lead official usually referred to as a secretary. The secretaries are appointed by the president with Senate consent, and they often have a number of assistant and deputy secretaries who are also politically appointed by the president. The independent agencies are similar to the cabinet agencies in that the president appoints a lead administrator, and this person reports to the president. Independent agencies are typically much smaller than cabinet agencies and also have more narrowly defined tasks. The CIA, NASA, and EPA are some of the most well know independent agencies. They are called independent agencies because they are not in a cabinet agency. FEMA was once an independent agency but now is in the Department of Homeland Security, a cabinet agency. Government commissions, often referred to as regulatory commissions, differ from these other agencies in that they have multiple leaders. The SEC has five commissioners, of whom one is appointed chair by the president. All of the commissioners are appointed by the president with Senate consent and they serve for fixed terms. Thus, a new president cannot remove them like he can remove the heads of other agencies. These commissions usually regulate business. Examples include the FCC, and FTC. The fourth type of government organization is government corporations. These organizations may have multiple or single leaders. The Tennessee Valley Authority and Amtrak are examples of government corporations. They are usually part public and part private in that they can issue bond debt to raise their own money for capital projects, and also receive appropriations from the federal government. They engage in what are common marketplace functions like communications, transportation, and energy.

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Anti-semitism can be defined as the hatred or discrimination of someone because he or she is?


The power of the government is defined by the?

the power of the government is defined by the

What is pertaining to the national or central government?

It usually called the federal government and individual agencies are mostly called the United States __________. ( Department of .., Court of ... , Treasury, etc,) It is centered in Washington, DC.

What term is defined as the rights of equal protection and freedom from discrimination from all citizens?

civil rights

Is politics best defined as the art of government agree or disagree?

Can politics really be defined as the art of government

What is the difference between a civil servant and a council employee?

Civil servants are employed by state agencies whereas council employees are employed by local councils. With privatisation of government in the UK the demarcation line is less defined.

When talking about discrimination what is meant by double jeopardy?

double jeopardy in terms of discrimination is the combination of two subordinate statuses, defined as experienced by women of color. In a way it is two forms of subordinate discrimination 1.) because they are African American and 2.) because they are women

What term is defined as the right of equal protection and freedom from discrimination for all citizens?

civil rights

Race gender national origin and color are defined as what?

Aspects according which discrimination, segregation sometimes persecution is/was based.

What is a protected class as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

a group that is legally protected against employment discrimination

What did the federal government defined an Indian as?

The federal government defined an Indian as an original devloper of the land before the pilgrims came from England.

How did colonial government differ from the british government?

colonists' rights were defined by formal documents. british rights were defined by laws and tradition