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The formulation of a thought

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Who was the greek goddess of the earth and agriculture?

Demeter is the goddess of agriculture, but Gaia is the god/titan of the earth.

What percent of the earth is used for agriculture?

40%- agriculture 60%- property/cities

What percentage of the land on earth can be used for agriculture?


What are the threats to the agriculture ecosystem?

the people that inhabit the earth

Who is the roman god af agriculture?

Saturn was the Roman god of Agriculture and the Harvest, while Ceres was goddess of nature and the fertility of the earth.

Why did humans dominate the earth?

Because humans invented weapons, and developed agriculture.

In Greek mythology is there a god or goddess of food?

Demeter is the goddess of earth and agriculture

What did the goddess Demeter bring forth the Earth?

Demeter is a goddess of agriculture, grain, and bread. That which grows on earth and is eatable was her domain.

How would a slower rotation and orbit around the sun affect seasons and agriculture on Earth?

When there is slow rotation and orbit around the sun , day and night in earth is affected not only that but due to slow rotation seasons in earth also changes slowly .As there is sloe season change in directly affects on agriculture on earth.

What was Demeter the goddess of?

Demeter was an earth fertility goddess.harvest and agricultureharvestDemeter was the goddess of the harvest, but also of agriculture and fertility.Demeter is the goddess of the harvest.

Greek goddess of the Earth?

Demeter was the goddess of agriculture, which is as close as it gets to goddess of the earth, unless you meant "hearth", in which case it would be Hestia.

Give the limitations of scientific methods in earth science?

Problems Using Scientific Methods In Agriculture

What powers does goddess Demeter have?

She can control plants cause she is the goddess of agriculture,the harvest and nature(or earth)

Plantation agriculture was wasteful largely because?

Its excessive cultivation of cotton despoiled the good earth.

How did Demeter appear in the world?

Demeter was born of the Titans, Rhea and Cronus, she was a goddess of earth and agriculture.

What is the oldest branch of earth science?

the oldest brnach of science is most likely agriculture or astronomy

Role of chemistry in food and agriculture?

Chemistry is a part of every living thing on Earth. Food is made of compounds, Agriculture depends on chemical processes to produce food and manage pests.

How did agriculture change society?

First of all, society couldn't exist without agriculture. Agriculture is the most important thing in every economy. It all comes back to how people survive on this earth. People survive with food and water. Food controls everything.

If plants were dying which Greek god should use?

Demeter, goddess of the Earth, Agriculture, Harvest and Forests.

How does agriculture help your earth?

producing crops like corn, peaches , bannanas , help our economy develop.

What is the importance of water in our lives?

Water is the most important resource on earth, and is used for drinking and cleaning and agriculture.

What did the goddess Demeter ruled over?

Demeter is and earth fertility goddess. Also goddess of the harvest and agriculture

Why is bread a symbol of Demeter?

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth.

How does agriculture and food science relate to plant and soil science?

Agriculture is a primary resource, where farmers grow plants from the earth or soil, and animals eat plants that are grown from the soil. Without soil or plants there would be no agriculture, nor would there be food for all animal life.

What planet is the god of farming?

the earth is called planet earth because the word eorth means land and earth is also can be called eorth of farming The planet Saturn is named after the Roman god of agriculture.