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Q: What one of these best describes England situation on the eve of the Industrial Revolution?
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Where Industrial Revolution 1650?


What country did the second Industrial Revolution begin?

England. British people started the industrial revolution

Is it true The Western European Industrial Revolution was centered in England?

yap....industrial revolution started in Europe....

What country did the Industrial Revolution began in?

The textile industry

During what century did the Industrial Revolution begin?

The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late 18th century.

Who were the Inventors of Industrial Revolution in England?


What Nation did Industrial Revolution began in?


Which country was birthplace of the industrial revolution?


Where did people work in England before the Industrial Revolution?

Before the Industrial Revolution people in England worked at home, on farms, and in small village shops

Why did unions develop in England after the Industrial revolution?

Because there was the center of the revolution.

When was the toll road in England invented?

i the industrial revolution

What happened in 1800 to 1914 in England?

The Industrial Revolution