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There are 140 schools in the U.S. that offer a physician assistant program, which is a graduate program that takes about 25 months to complete. You'll find details at http://www.aapa.org/ You can complete some of the coursework online, but not all. http://www.aacc.edu/physassist/ offers a part of the program in online study. The online environment often refers to medical assisting as a "physician aassistant program," which it is not.

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How can i get my bachelor's degree in physician assistant?

Find a college that offers the course. Pay the fee. Study.

Does anyone know of a good Physician Assistant school in the DFW, TX area?

UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas offers a Physician Assistant Studies program.

Where is the college which offers airport management degree?

Middle Georgia College has Airport Management Bach Degree

How can you get a degree in interior design?

You go to a college that offers a degree in interior design.

Who offers a bachelor's of science degree in witchcraft?

An college/university that would offer a degree in witchcraft would not have a valid college degree that is acceptable.

Is there Pharmacy Technician Training Schools located near Barrow Alaska?

Ilisagvik College is located in Barrow, Alaska. It offers a program to earn a degree as a Pharmacy Technician/Assistant.

What college can i get my GED and associate's degree?

Bramsonort college offers a GED and associates degree in the feild of your choice in 18 months.

What type of programs does Cabrini college provide?

Cabrini college offers a range of different academic programs. It offers a Bachelor's degree program and Master's degree program. It is a liberal arts, Roman Catholic college.

How can you receive a college degree in Spanish?

To receive a college degree in Spanish, find a college that offers a degree in Spanish. Follow their degree program in Spanish to earn the credits needed. Once you earned enough credits, then you graduate and receive a college degree in Spanish.

What two schools in the State of Indiana offer a degree for Physician's Assistant?

Indiana University In Bloomington and Everest College in Merrillville are two schools that offer a Physician's Assistant degrees. They also offer hands on training which is very important for valuable experience. Capella University offers a program for physicians assistant. You can also check into Mercy college and University of Phoenix.

Do all fifty states have schools that offer a physician assistant degree?

yes all 50 states do have school that offers physician assistant degree. Physician Assistants must have some experience in the allied health field prior to entering the 2-year program and can earn a BA-PA or MA-PA. PAs follow a conventional medical doctor curriculum, while nurse practitioners follow a nursing curriculum. Physician assistants are also educated in the broad spectrum of medical and surgical care, allowing them to practice in the variety of specialties rather than one specific area of study.

Community college for 2 year degree in museum management?

Is there a technical or community college that offers a 2 year degree in museum management

What online colleges offer administrative assistant training?

University of Phoenix offers administrative assistant training programs. They are a great onlie college.

Where can one get an interior design degree online?

One can get an interior design degree from an online college. One online college that should offer this degree is the University of Phoneix. This online college offers this course.

Can you earn a degree in law at a liberal college?

If the college has a law school and offers a law deegree, certainly.

How do you became an aeronautical enginear?

You attend and graduate from a college that offers this a degree is a start.

What type of Degree is needed for Nursing?

A nursing degree. Either a BA or BSc depending on what your college or university offers.

Does broward communty college have an AA degree program?

Yes, the school offers both associate and bachelor's degree. The school was formerly Broward Community college, but is now Broward College.

If you want to be a medical assistant what would be my major?

Many colleges offer a degree as a medical assistant, most prevalent are community colleges. Therefore, you will have to find a school that offers this program and that would be your major. I would urge you to take this program through a college and not some private institution.

Where can you go to college for a daycare owner?

Any college that offers a good early childhood education degree should do.

Can you get bachelors degree from community college?

The community college system offers only associate, diploma, and certificate programs.

Does Cochise College have a graduate degree program?

Cochise College offers associate's degrees, but they do not offer graduate programs.

Are there any Veterinary Technical colleges in Wisconsin?

Yes, there are several colleges. For instance, Northcentral Technical College offers an associate degree in veterinary science and Madison Area Technical College offers an associate degree Veterninary Technician.

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