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The cost for online classes varies from school to school. There are many schools that offer online engineering classes. The best rated school is

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There are schools that offer little programs or certificates in audio engineering, not schools especially for that. There are lots of different ones though.

There are a wide variety of online schools that are known to offer business programs. The University of Phoenix and ITT Tech, for example, both offer these courses.

If you want a degree in engineering, then look at colleges that have an entire program or school dedicated to engineering. Some schools do not even offer engineering programs. If you end up at one of these schools, then you may be disappointed by your educational opportunities. Be sure to apply to schools with specific programs in engineering.

There are websites such as and that both offer online degrees for audio engineering.

There are a few companies that offer online engineering degrees. To get information on all of these companies I would visit

Colorado Tech and Walden University offer the program that you are looking for. I found this website that allows you to search for the degree you desire and it provides a list of schools that offer that area of study.

Kaplan University and University of Phoenix Online, both offer Paralegal Degree programs. Both schools offer the opportunity to complete these degree programs online and offer financial assistance.

Online psychology schools offer quality and advanced degree programs. At you can find all schools that offer online undergraduate and graduate psychology classes.

Yes, there are several schools that offer online degree programs for design. A few are: The Art Institutes, the Academy of Art University, Westwood College, and Devry. All of these are accredited schools.

There are many colleges that offer programs in music. Schools that offer online programs are flexible, and some of the schools include, Judson College and Valley City State University.

Many different schools of the LPN to RN programs online. Some of these schools include the University of Pheonix, Yorkville University, and baker College.

There are definitely colleges that offer an online degree for audio engineering. There are many programs that are available. This is a good place to start:

All online schools should offer you a Spanish degree. Most online schools offer a degree in most foreign languages. To get signed signed up, contact the school that you want to attend.

Well, engineering is a broad subject. I usually use to search for colleges and universities that offer online degree programs. The schools listed there are not only online colleges and universities, but also some traditional colleges and universities that offer some online courses. I searched the engineering for you and found 10 schools and each school probably have 3-5 different engineering courses/degrees/certificates. Depends on what kind of engineering you are most interested in? Electrical engineering? Mechanical engineering?... The 10 accredited colleges and universities that offer engineering courses are: Drexel University online * Worcester polytechnic institute * Union institute & university * University of California, Irvine Cleveland institute of electronics Lehigh university * UMass online Oregon state university * Grantham university * Penn Foster college * The school offers fully online courses for bachelor degree Some schools listed here only offer associate degree engineering programs; some offer traditional degree but with only couple courses/certificates that you can take online.

Most colleges and private study schools offer training online, in fact the majority of all colleges and specialization schools offer these programs. Your best option is to contact the school you are interested, and find out which programs they offer, as they will all vary in regards to which degree you wish to pursue.

It is possible to complete an online engineering course at the University of Southern California, Pennsylvania State University - World Campus, and also at Columbia University in New York City. These three universities are the top three to offer online engineering programs according to the US News site.

Yes, it is possible to earn an engineering degree online. Here is a list of the top schools that offer this type of degree online:

Yes, there are a few Universities that do offer degrees online. A few reputable schools that do offer degree programs online are University of Phoenix and Athabasca University.

There are a number of schools in CA that offer graphic design programs online. USC and UCLA are two of the larger schools that do.

The are several online engineering schools. They include DeVry, the University of Phoenix, North Carolina State University, Colorado Technical University and Walden University.

You can find online courses for engineering at Lincoln Tech, DeVry and other schools that offer this course of study. I would also check your local college as they may offer online courses also.

There are several online programs for marketing available online. Schools such as DeVry and Arizona State offer programs. You may need a college degree to be accepted.

There are many different schools that offer online graphic design programs. Some of the more popular schools are through San Diego College, Herzing and Westwood.

Florida International University offers bachelors degrees online as well as on campus classes. Most schools and universities offer online programs in many degrees. FAU, UF, Miami Dade College, and many others.

You can earn a degree in fashion design from a traditional college or university, or through an online program. To locate fashion schools near you or to find online fashion programs, check out