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The cost for online classes varies from school to school. There are many schools that offer online engineering classes. The best rated school is

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Q: What online schools offer engineering programs?
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Are there any audio engineering schools?

There are schools that offer little programs or certificates in audio engineering, not schools especially for that. There are lots of different ones though.

What online schools offer business programs?

There are a wide variety of online schools that are known to offer business programs. The University of Phoenix and ITT Tech, for example, both offer these courses.

Consider Specific Programs ?

If you want a degree in engineering, then look at colleges that have an entire program or school dedicated to engineering. Some schools do not even offer engineering programs. If you end up at one of these schools, then you may be disappointed by your educational opportunities. Be sure to apply to schools with specific programs in engineering.

Are there any audio engineering schools that offer degrees online?

There are websites such as and that both offer online degrees for audio engineering.

Are there any schools that offer online engineering degrees?

There are a few companies that offer online engineering degrees. To get information on all of these companies I would visit

What online schools offer structural engineering programs?

Colorado Tech and Walden University offer the program that you are looking for. I found this website that allows you to search for the degree you desire and it provides a list of schools that offer that area of study.

What accredited colleges or schools offer financial assistance for online paralegal classes?

Kaplan University and University of Phoenix Online, both offer Paralegal Degree programs. Both schools offer the opportunity to complete these degree programs online and offer financial assistance.

How well are online psychology schools?

Online psychology schools offer quality and advanced degree programs. At you can find all schools that offer online undergraduate and graduate psychology classes.

Are there any online design schools that offer degree programs?

Yes, there are several schools that offer online degree programs for design. A few are: The Art Institutes, the Academy of Art University, Westwood College, and Devry. All of these are accredited schools.

Online colleges for music degrees?

There are many colleges that offer programs in music. Schools that offer online programs are flexible, and some of the schools include, Judson College and Valley City State University.

What schools offer LPN to RN programs online?

Many different schools of the LPN to RN programs online. Some of these schools include the University of Pheonix, Yorkville University, and baker College.

What online colleges offer an audio engineering degree?

There are definitely colleges that offer an online degree for audio engineering. There are many programs that are available. This is a good place to start:

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