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The Marriage of Figaro

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Q: What opera did Mozart write just before Don Giovanni?
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What opera did Mozart write when his father died?

I think the opera was Don Giovanni.

Did Giovanni Gabrielli write an opera?


In which year did Mozart write don Giovanni?

Little short Mozart, just on five foot tall, composed what is probably the tallest opera ever written, in 1787, the same year as Salieri's Axur, Cimarosa's I tre amanti and Kozeluh's Mose in Egitto. A composer called Gazzaniga also wrote a Don Giovanni the same year, earlier in fact, and most likely showed Mozart how not to write the opera.

Did Beethoven write marriage of Figaro?

No. That opera was written by Mozart.

When did Mozart write his first full-scale opera?

He was 9.

What opera did Mozart write that was famous in his lifetime?

He wrote many operas that made him famous. His most famous were The Magic Flute, Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and his Requiem Mass.

When did Mozart write his first opera?

The first work designated an opera in Köchel's catalogue of Mozart's works is Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebotes, K.35 from 1767, when Mozart was 11 years old.

What was the language the court wanted Mozart to use to write opera?

deep woods african.

Why did Mozart write don Giovanni?

i am not sure but i think it's because his dad died or something...

What other operas did Mozart write with da Ponte?

Da Ponte, Mozart Librettist wrote Mozart's 3 best Operas - Figaro, Giovanni and Così Fan Tutte.

What opera did Mozart write?

He wrote more than one, but the most famous is probably the "Marriage of Fiagaro"

What age did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart write his first opera?

7 i believe it was when he was 12 or 14. - vy

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