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Teachers opportunities depend on their certifications, their experience, and which state their certifications are valid for. Your question is very vague, if it was more specific I could tell you more.

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2006-04-09 03:37:26
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Q: What opportunities does a teacher have?
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What are the job opportunities for degree in physical sciences?

A physicist, a chemist, or a teacher

A brief description of a teacher grants and how it affects students in any way.?

Teachers grants are grants provided to teacher to help in furthering teacher and student educational opportunities by providing the financial resources needed.

How do you flirt with a teacher?

Well first off you shouldn't you could end their career an other job opportunities the end

Are there any opportunities for British students to go to Korea?

There are plenty of opportunities for British students to travel to Korea and spend time there. One popular option is to go as an English teacher or volunteer in classrooms.

What are some possible employment opportunities in the science careers field?

There are several employment opportunities in the science careers field. One could be a doctor, biologist, lab technician, school teacher, engineer, or a meteorologist.

Where can I find online employment opportunities for teachers?

Teacher is a good profession where you can build the good generation. We can find online opportunities for teachers from news advertisements and net. Some good websites are

What is the advancement for a teacher?

TAP offers teachers powerful opportunities for career advancement, job-embedded professional growth, a fair evaluation system and performance-based.

What were opportunities available to new Plymouth settlers?

The first opportunity was too survive and worship God free of the Church of England regimen and doctrine. and there was also the teacher!

What are promotional opportunities?

promotional opportunities are opportunities

Where online could a retired English teacher get a grammar job?

A retired English teacher could find employment teaching online courses at a local community college. You could find listings for employment opportunities on sites such as monster dot com.

What do I need to do to give myself the best scholarship opportunities?

Get the best grades you can, do many extracirricular activities, and get on your teachers' good sides (many scholarships require teacher recommendations).

What are the opportunities and challenges of a Head Start teacher?

Challenges of a Head Start teacher include: coming up with fun ways to teach the children while allowing them to have fun, managing a class when several of the children have special needs, finding and making visual aids, etc.

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