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It does not matter which order the seeds are in on Moshi Monsters. You just have to plant the three kinds of seeds and wait to see if they grow into the correct color.


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No plants need to be in order to get any of the moshlings. Only the colours are important!

It does not matter which order you plant the seeds in to catch Roxy. Plant the Radiant Roxy Rose seed with any two other seeds in any order in your Moshling Garden on Moshi Monsters.

No, you have to be a paid Moshi Member or have a free trial of paid membership in order to be a Super Moshi on Moshi Monsters.

To get Honey on moshi monsters first you have to be a moshi monster will need in this orderhope this answers you question

Moshi Monsters does not provide email for its members. You have to have your own email address or use your parent's email address in order to be a member of Moshi Monsters.

No. In order to find a member on Moshi Monsters, you have to know their username. Moshi Monsters' search for members does not allow searches for partial names.

You can order a Moshi Monster MoPod on the Internet.

Moshi Monsters needs Flash in order to run. Flash isn't supported on the iPod touch so at this time Moshi Monsters will not work on this device.

There are lots of members of Moshi Monsters who have I.G.G.Y. You have to be a Moshi Member (paid) in order to get I.G.G.Y., so Moshi Members are the only ones who will have an I.G.G.Y.

Why would you want to become a super moshi, if you don't even have a moshi monsters account? In order to become a super moshi, you MUST have a moshi monsters account.

It does not have to be in order, just correct colours/plants. Yellow, Black & Purple Star Blossom

You can't. You have to be a member of Moshi Monsters in order to be a Super Moshi.

Yes, you need Flash Player in order to be able to play Moshi Monsters on your computer.

Your Moshi Monsters account is suspended and you can not access it for the amount of time that it has been suspended. In order to receive a suspension, you must have done something that was against the Moshi Monsters Terms and Conditions.

In order to play Moshi Monsters, you have to register for a membership. However, there are two kinds of membership, a free Basic Membership and a paid Moshi Membership.

There is no specific answer to this question as Moshi Monsters will continue to add levels in order to keep members interested and playing.

You can not attract Cherry Bomb with seeds on Moshi Monsters. You have to complete Super Moshi Season 1 Mission 4: Candy Catastrophe in order to get Cherry Bomb the moshling on Moshi Monsters.

In order to use the Moshi Monsters website you will need to download, and install, Flash Player from Adobe.

Flash player is needed in order to run the Moshi Monsters website. This is to do with the way the website is made.

Of course it will work! Moshi Monsters is an Online game, so you need Internet access in order to play the game.

The Moshi Monsters Time Card number is the number on the back of the card that you enter on the Moshi Monsters web site in order to have a paid Moshi Membership. Moshi Monsters Time Cards may be purchased at various stores, depending on which country you live in. Each Time Card number is unique. You have to purchase your own Moshi Monsters Time Card to get the number to use for membership.

You have to be a Paid Moshi Member in order to be a Super Moshi. Only paid members have access to the volcano and the Super Moshi Missions.

Issue 12 of the Moshi Monsters Magazine has already been released. Go to to order back issues or to subscribe to the Moshi Mag.

No. You have to have either a free Basic Membership or a paid Moshi Membership and log in or sign in to your membership account in order to play Moshi Monsters.

You have to be a member of the Moshi Monsters staff in order to have the staff badge in your room.

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