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Q: What organ acts like a pumping machine the body?
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What is pumping organ?

In the body, the main pumping organ is the heart.

What organ that pumping organ of the body?

The heart is a four chambered muscular organ tasked with pumping blood round the body.

What is the pumping organ of the body..?

The Heart.

Why the heart is a organ?

heart is the pumping organ of our body because if the heart is not pumping that makes you not alive and when it pumps that is the meaning that you are alive.

What organ of the body pumps blood to all part of the body?

The heart is the main pumping machine of the cardio vascular system. The calf muscles also helps to pump venous blood towards the heart

What is the pumping organ of the human body?

The heart. It pumps blood around the body.

Can a person survive for a time on life support if the heart has been removed for organ donation?

As long as a machine is pumping blood throughout the body I don't see why not.

What body part pumps blood to the rest of the body?

The heart is the organ responsible for pumping blood to the rest of the body.

The heart is a special organ what is it made of?

The heart is made up of muscles. It is an important body organ for pumping the blood to different organs of the body.

Is it true the heart is the organ responsible for the pumping of blood through out the human body?

yes it is

Which organ is in charge of pumping blood through the body?

The heart pumps blood through the lungs and through the rest of the body

Why is the heart called pumping organ?

Because that's exactly what it does !... The heart muscles contract in a pulsing action - pumping blood through arteries and smaller vessels around the body.