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A penguin is a flightless bird it use lungs for in take of Oxygen in its body.

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Q: What organ does a penguin use to take in oxygen?
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What is the locomotory organ of penguin?

They use their webbed feet for walking and flippers for swimming.

Which organ does the body use to take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide?


What organ do alligators use to get oxygen?

lungs they do have lungs they come up to breath

Is the nose an organ?

Yes, it is, though debatable, the nose could also be called a passageway, this "organ" is used in the respiratory system, and the process of breathing.

What is the difference between respiratory system of mammal and fish?

Mammals use lungs to collect oxygen from the air, fish use gills to collect oxygen from the water.

What do you use to check your oxygen?

If you pass out and/or become unconscious, your oxygen saturation level based on saturation in the correct vital organ systems is probably not in the range it should be.

What organ doe the body use to get oxygen?

the body usees the nose to get the oxegen then the lungs separate what the body can or cant use anything the body cant use we exhale

What organ structures does a reptile use throughout its life to get oxygen for cellular respiration?

A reptile uses its lungs just like we do.

Which organ do most mollusks and crustaceans use to obtain oxygen?

Gills, in the shell in molluscs, and between the hind legs in crustaceans.

How do you use the bass guitars on club penguin?

Take all items of your penguin. Add the guitar. Dance. You will automatically start playing it.

How do living things use oxygen?

Animals take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Do plants take in carbon dioxide at day and take in oxygen at night?

do plants switch how they use oxygen day and night?