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Crustaceans (true and false crabs, lobsters and prawns etc) need oxygen, just like we do, but instead of using lungs inside the body they use gills outside the body to get it. Gills (and lungs) work because oxygen is a very small molecule. During respiration oxygen molecules first dissolve into a layer of moisture surrounding a thin membrane. Then the oxygen molecules, because they are so small, cross right through the membrane into the circulatory system (the blood) of the animal. The source of the oxygen can either be as gas in the air or already dissolved in another liquid - like the sea. It doesn't matter where the oxygen originally comes from, the most important factor in respiration is that the surface the oxygen molecules cross is wet. In decapods (10-legged crustaceans like crabs and lobsters) the gills are protected because they are enclosed in a chamber under the sides of the carapace (the hard shell that covers the head and thorax). Crustaceans that live in water have no trouble keeping their gills moist. Crustaceans that live on land or on rocky shores where the tide comes and goes keep their gills wet by using fluids from inside the body and by having the chamber well sealed so that very little moisture is lost. The gills themselves are feathery structures at the tops of the walking legs of decapod crustaceans. They are derived from part of the jointed walking leg.

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How prawn breathe?


Does prawn breathe with their lungs?

Prawns breathe using gills, not lungs.

What is the excretory organ of prawn?


What does a prawn breathe through?


What organ do reptiles use to breathe?

Their lungs.

What is the breathing organ of prawn?


Which organ do fish breathe with?

They breathe with gills

What is the organ used by bluewhale for breathing?

Whales use the mouth and blowhole to breathe.

Prawn mee use what type of prawn-?

Prawn Mee is a type of noodle soup that is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. The type of prawn used in this dish are whole prawns.

What organ does an alligator use to breathe under water?

Alligators don't breathe under water. They hold their breath and can hold it for up to 15 minutes.

Which organ to tortoise breathe?

Their lungs.

What is a small prawn called?

small prawn; tiny prawn; mini prawn; puny prawn; prawn minor; prawn junior

What organ does a kookaburra use for breathing?

Kookaburras are birds: like all birds, they breathe using lungs.

Which organ do spitting cobra used to breathe?

The cobra uses lungs to breathe, just like every other land dwelling animal. They are creatures that live on the land, so they must use lungs to breathe.

What organ filters the air you breathe?


How do betta fish breathe?

Betta fish breathe air....yes... that's right... they breathe air. They breathe air because they have an organ by their gills that is called the Labyrinth's Organ which allows them to breathe air. They breathe air by coming up to the surface of the water. Then they gather air in their mouths and hold their breath underwater.

What is the organ for breathing of the eagle?

(They breathe through nostrils) as birds usually breathe through their lungs...

Why are the lungs such an important organ?

You need lungs to breathe.

What organ helps the frog to breathe in water?


Which organ helps banyan tree to breathe?

Its leaves.

Which organ zebra breathe through?

Their nostrils or nose.

What is the different between fish and prawn?

A prawn is a crustacean, identified by its shell and lack of a spine. the term "fish" encompasses thousands of species, but as a general rule they can be identified by having a backbone and being(normally) unable to breathe outside of water.

Do all fish amphibians and reptiles use lungs to breathe?

No because fish use their gills to breathe in oxygen. The gill is an organ that removes oxygen from the water and goes through the membrane into the blood.Gills also remove carbon dioxide.

What is the average size of a king prawn vs a queen prawn vs a prince prawn as listed on seafood menus?

King prawn:35cm queen prawn:25 prince prawn:15cm

What difference between male and female prawns?

male prawn has the specialised organ petasma that include the sperms that transfer in to female