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The endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for the manufacturing of membranes. It also creates ribosomes that make proteins for the cell.

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Cell products are wrapped in membranes by an organelle called?


What is the complex that wraps cell products in membranes by an organelle?


What cell organelle is responsible for manufacturing of membranes and products?

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Cell products are wrapped in membranes by an organelle called the blank complex?

Golgi Complex

Transport membranes and products to various locations in cell?

Vesicles transports membranes and products to various locations. It has a membrane bound sac that contains materials. A fluid filled organelle that stores enzymes or water is a vacuole.

Which organelle is a network of membranes involved in the production of proteins that will become secreted of part of the plasma membrane?

The rough Endoplasmic reticulum- manufactures, processes, & prepares proteins for transport.

Which organelle appears as a stack of membranes?

The cell organelle that appears as a stack of sac-like membranes is the golgi apparatus. This organelle is responsible for packaging proteins for transport.

What organelle manufactures the ribosomes?

the nucleolus

What organelle manufactures ribosome?

The Nucleoplasm

What manufactures lipids?

I have searched and found that the endoplasmic reticulum is the organelle that manufactures lipids.

Is the nucleolus a pair of membranes that surround the nucleus?

No, you're talking about nuclear envelope, which is the membrane that surrounds the nucleus. Nucleolus is an organelle inside a nucleus that manufactures the two ribosomal subunits.

What organelle manufactures the components of ribosomes?


What organelle is not surrounded by one or more membranes?

The ribosome is an organelle that is not surrounded by a membrane.

Is a cell membrane a organelle?

No a membrane is not considered an organelle. Membranes are what encapsulate organelles.

What is the membranes organelle that generates ATP?


What organelle appears as a stack of membranes?


Which organelle manufactures proteins?

The organelle that manufactures proteins is the rough endoplasmic reticulum. The ribosomes found in the rough bit, produce the protein, while the endoplasmic reticulum modifies it.

Which organelle is surrounded by two membranes?

the nucleus and mitochondria.

What organelle is a of folded up membranes?

endoplasmic reticulum

What name is given to the organelle that manufactures the components of ribosomes?


The number of membranes surrounding a mitochondrion?

There are 2 membranes that surround mitochondrion. Any organelle that contains some kind of DNA has 2 membranes.

What does the endoplasmic reticulun do?

The endoplasmic reticulum is an organelle that appears in all eukaryotic cells. The ER is made of a series of membranes extending throughout the jelly-like cytoplasm. The ER's manufactures and transports material to other locations.

Which organelle contains inner membranes called cristae?


What organelle has a flattened system of tubular membranes?

Golgi Apparatus

Which organelle is covered by a double layer of plasma membranes?


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