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nuvleus, mitochondria,vacuoles, cell membrane plants have these 2 additional organelles: chloroplasts and cell walls

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Q: What organelles would be included in the category called energy related organelles?
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Which of the cellular organelles would be included in a category called membranes canals and vaculoles?

I guess they are vesicles.

Which organelles would be included in the category called Membranous canals and vacuoles?

the nucleolus, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, vacuoles, and vesicles, lysosomes, peroxisome, mitochondrion, and chloroplast

What are the different parts of a cell called?

The different parts of a cell are called organelles or 'little organs'. A list of the organelles can be found in the Related Questions.

Mitochondria is a cell of an animal or plant?

Mitochondria are not cells, they are parts of cells, belonging to a category called organelles. Animal cells have them. They produce energy.

Where do you find woozband questions?

I'm afraid we don't have a category called, 'woozband', however, we do have a category that is quite similar to your question of asking, I've added the related link below.

What are animals that use organelles called?

Animal cells use organelles (so do plant cells). Cells with organelles are called "eukaryotic" which means these are cells that have a nucleus (which is one of the organelles).

What is a fact about rabbits and hares?

Many people believe rabbits and hares are a part of the "rodent" category. In reality, they are more closely related to a horse than a mouse. And their category is called "lagomorphs".

Which organelles are involved in the process called endocytosis?

Which organelles are involved in the process called endocytosis?

Which organelles is called Energy Organelles and why it is called so?

you can ask me ans becoz i dont know

What is the gel like fluid that is in between the cell membrane and the nucleus?

The cytosol. With all the organelles included between the nucleus and the membrane this would then be called the cytoplasm.

The material inside a cell that organelles float in is called what?

cytoplasm i think :) Added: No. The liquid and the organelles are called the cytoplasm. The liquid the organelles float in is called the cytosol.

Eukaryotes have specialized parts that perform specific functions what are these specialized parts called?

They are called organelles.

What are the green organelles found in the elodea leaves called?

The green organelles found in the elodea leaves are called chloroplasts.

Eukaryotic cells have dozens of specialized structures called?

organelles organelles

What are plant organelles that store starches or lipids called?

Plant organelles that store starches or lipids are called plastids, but not the chloroplasts.

What are unanswered trip questions?

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What are the structures in a cytoplasm called?

they are called organelles.

What are organelles containing digestive enzymes called?

Lysosomes are the organelles that have digestive enzymes. The main purpose of these organelles is to help with the digestion process.

Why are organelles non living?

organelles are non living if organelles were non living then they must be called the structural and functional unit of life.

What are organelles and how do they help a cell?

Various components of a cell are called cell organelles. Various living activities are performed with the help of these organelles.

Is dried legumes in the meat group?

No, dried beans, also called legumes, are not in the meat group because they are not an animal product. However, legumes are often included, with meat, in the protein category.

Are organelles replicated before a cell divides?

Yes, organelles are replicated during interphase. Mitochondria divide in the phase called called G2 and other organelles grow and multiply during G1, i think!

Cells without organelles or a nucleus?

No such thing, but cells without membrane bound organelles are called prokaryotes.

Do birds have cells that are called nuclei and organelles?


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