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bacteria and fungus

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What is the difference between decomposer and consumer?

A consumer is an organism that eats living plants or animals. A decomposer though, is an organism that FEEDS on dead organism.

What is a decomposer in the rainforest?

A decomposer in the Rainforest is a fungus type organism, such as mushrooms or moss.

Is bread a decomposer?

Bread is not a living organism, and so it cannot be classified as a decomposer.

An organism which causes dead organisms to decay?

It's known as a decomposer. A decomposer causes the dead organism to decay, after its dead. Then the decomposer eats the left over.. bones, as you would say. Some known decomposer are Mushrooms.

Is a decomposer a machine?

A decomposer is a living organism such as a bacterium or a fungus, therefore it could not be a machine.

How do you spell decomposer?

That is the correct spelling of "decomposer" (organism that breaks down dead material).

Is a chimp a decomposer?

A decomposer is an organism that breaks down dead organisms. So no. A decomposer would be something like a bacteria.

Describe a decomposer?

A decomposer is an organism that breaks down other dead or decaying organisms. The fungi found on trees is a decomposer.

What happens when decomposers feed on dead organism?

The decomposer will decompose the dead organism into soil.

A synonym for decomposer?

A decomposer is an organism that breaks down decaying or dead animals and plants. Synonyms for decomposer include bacteria, germ, microbe, and listeria.

Why do decomposers depend on consumers?

Decomposer defend on Consumer because Decomposer decompose death organism to use by the plant

Is a Photosynthetic a decomposer?

Any organism that can perform photosynthesis is a producer.

What is the science definition of decomposer?

a decomper means a organism which can decompose.

What is an decomposer organism?

An organism that breaks down the nutrients of another dead organism and brings it back to the atmosphere or soil to be used again.

Is a deer a Decomposer?

no a deer is not a decomposer because a decomposer is a organism that breaks down dead matter a deer would be a consumer because it can not make its on food and it eats producers

Is a shrimp a decomposer?

An organism can be one of three things - a producer, consumer, or decomposer. Shrimp is an animals, making it automatically a consumer.

What is protein decomposer?

A protein decomposer is when an organism breaks down proteins into smaller parts. This can be done by using enzymes or amino acids.

What is a organism that feeds off a dead material?

the answer to this question is a decomposer. You are welcome! :)

What bacterial organism eats dead organisms?

The type of bacterial organism that eats dead organisms, is called a Decomposer

What is a organism that gets energy from eating dead organisms?

an organism that gets energy from eating dead organisms is called a decomposer

What is the difference between an organism that is a producer and an organism that is a decomposer?

A producer is something that makes its own food like a tree and a decomposer is something that eats dead things like a worm or maggot. the difference is that the producer makes its own food and the decomposer decomposes dead or unneeded stuff hope i helped =)

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