Sea Urchins

What organism is close to a sea urchin?

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Answer So far the closest animal to the sea urchin is the starfish (seastar).

Sea cucumbers and sand dollars are also closely related to the sea urchin.

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Is a sea urchin a omnivore?

a sea urchin is a producer

Is the sea urchin unicellular?

No. A unicellular organism is an organism made up of ONE CELL, so they're all microscopic. Microscopic means that you can't see it it without a microscope. And you can see a sea urchin, so it is not microscopic, so it's not unicellular.

What class are sea urchin?

The classification of a Sea Urchin is Echinoidea

What kind of invertebrate is a sea urchin?

A sea urchin is an echinoderm

What is the scientific name of a sea-urchin?

There are many species of sea urchin but all sea urchins belong to the class Echinoidea.

How did the sea urchin became endangered?

how did the sea urchin became endengered

How does the sea urchin moves?

A sea urchin does move, but not very frequently.

Is a sea urchin a vertebrate?

A sea urchin is an invertebrate not a vertebrate

Why do the carrier crabs carry sea urchin?

because the crab needs the sea urchin for protection and the sea urchin needs the crab for food

Can a sea anemone live with a sea urchin?

I think a sea anenome and a sea urchin can live together because i have a little aquarium and there is a sea urchin and and a sea anenome (if that's how you spell it) living in there and they were perfectly fine. BUT if you have a sea urchin do not have any crabs in there, because my sea urchin killed one, and almost killed another one by taking its claw off. :(

What type of creature is a sea urchin?

a sea urchin is a invertebratebecause it does not have a backbone

What is a see urchin?

a sea urchin is a spiky, prickly thing that lives in the sea like sea cucumbers.

Is sea urchin a plant?

An urchin is a marine invertebrate.

What is a sea urchin?

The sea urchin is an aquatic animal, very strange - Echinus melo.

Scientific name of sea urchin?

Sterechinus neumayeri scientific name of sea urchin

How is a sea urchin adapted to its habitat?

It urges the sea to adapt to IT! The litle urchin urger.

How does a sea urchin affect people?

Spines of the sea urchin can cause injuries of the skin.

Is the purple sea urchin an invertebrae?

of course it is! look up sea urchin in the da dictionary!!!

Is a sea urchin a first or second level consumer?

A sea urchin is a first level consumer

What shape is a sea urchin?

A sea urchin is a half-sphere. The top of the urchin is rounded like a globe but the bottom is flattish to fit on the bottom of the sea so it can walk around.

Does the sea urchin live in groups?

It depends on the species of urchin

What is the domain of a purple sea urchin?

A salt-water body. Like a SEA or ocean. It says in the name SEA urchin.

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