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Plastids are small structures that can store food (leukoplasts) or pigments (chromoplasts)

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Q: What organism stores food or pigments?
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Plant structure that stores food and pigments?

The plant structures that stores food and pigments are the plastids. These structures are contained in the leaf of the plant.

What you the function of the vacuole in a animal cell?

Vacuole stores food and waste of the organism (later used for transportation out of the cell). It can also contain protein pigments I think.

Store foods or pigments?

Actually, the organelle chlorophyll, stores food and pigments collected by the sun during photosynthesis. Resoure: Learning about it in biology.

How do protists compare and contrast to other organism?

Types of pigments, types of food reserves, mode of reproduction, types of habitat.

Name of condition of an organism with no pigments?


An organism that captures energy and stores it in food as chemical energy?


What stores pigments in cells?


Which structure stores starches or lipids or contains pigments?


What is green pigment found in photosynthesizing organisms?

well green pigments on the photosynthesizing organism is there so it could help it with the process of photosynthesis. the green pigments help trap light so it could be used with carbon dioxide and water to make glucose and oxygen. plants are autotrophs this means they make their own food. the green pigments help them in this process.

Cluster of red pigments on euglenas that helps the organism find sunlight?

The red pigment on euglenas that helps the organism find sunlight is not nice

Is a berry an organism?

u could say it is but in some plants a berry is where the plant stores energy/food but technically speaking no

How can albinism be harmful or beneficial to an organism?

Because the chemicals inside the beneficial burn away the organism.