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The Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are the two main religious institutions that pray the rosary, though other Christian denominations and even other religions pray the rosary.

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What devotional rituals are associated with Mary?

In the Catholic church, it is the praying of the rosary.

What is a rosary recital?

It is a way that crossword puzzle writers refer to praying the rosary.

What is praying the Rosary?

Praying the rosary is a necklace type thing with many beads on it. there are 5 decades. every decade symbolizes one of the mysteries. the rosary is meant to be prayed to Mary the mother of God.

What month of the year is dedicated to praying the rosary?

October is dedicated as the "Month of the Rosary." This is mostly because the memorial feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is on October 7th. May is also often a month for praying the rosary since May is the month for Mary's coronation.

Who is The rosary usually associated with?

The Rosary is usually associated with Virgin Mary (Mother of Jesus Christ).

Why was the rosary given to Saint Dominic?

The rosary predates St. Dominic by many years so he did not "invent" it. He did, however, encourage the praying of the rosary.

How do you pray the rosary for other people?

Easy pray the Rosary and tell God you are offering it up to someone else.

Is it wrong to pray the rosary in the church after the Mass?

No, praying the rosary before or after Mass is a very praiseworthy practice.

When was the rosary given to St. Dominic?

The rosary predates St. Dominic by many years so he did not "invent" it. He did, however, encourage the praying of the rosary.

Which two months are dedicated to the praying of the rosary?

October and May

How do you combat Satan's evil spirit?

By praying the Holy Rosary.

Did saint Dominic invent the Rosary?

No, St. Dominic did not invent the rosary as it had been around for many years before Dominic. He did promote praying the rosary, however.

How do you get rid of spirits that are from the ouija?

Through an exorcist, or by praying the Holy Rosary.

When praying the rosary which prayer is said the most times?

The Hail Mary

What is the sorrowful mysterys?

it is a meditation on the suffering of Jesus while praying the rosary

Did Saint Dominic de Guzman receive the rosary literally?

The rosary predates St. Dominic by many years so he did not "invent" it or receive it. He did, however, encourage the praying of the rosary.

Was Saint Dominic de Guzman the first one to pray the Rosary?

No, Dominic was not the first to pray the rosary. It had been around many years. He did promote praying the rosary, however.

What saint was associated with the rosary?

Saint Dominic de Guzman was well known for promoting the rosary.

Why do you have assigned prayers in every bead in the rosary bead?

It's the other way around, the physical rosary was put together the way it was so that you would be able to see where you are in your praying of the Rosary.

What things do Catholics use when praying?

This would be a very individual thing, depending on where you were and what you were praying. In Church, if you are praying the Offices with religious, you would be in Choir and sitting, standing, or kneeling, as everybody else was. The same in a Church when at Mass. At private devotions, you could be kneeling, standing, sitting, or prostrate on the floor; praying out loud, or reading silently. You might be holding a rosary if you are praying the rosary devotion, or walking between the Stations, if you are praying the Stations.

How is this virgin Mary honoured?

You honor the Virgin Mary by praying the rosary. She always tells us to pray the rosary everyday. You can notice it on reading and analyzing stories about Her apparitions.

When is praying the rosary prescribed by a priest?

Answer # 1it usually is every nightAnswer # 2It is not uncommon for priests to recommend part, or all of the Rosary as penance during the Sacrament of Reconciliation.Beyond the Sacrament of Reconciliation, priests in general have always encouraged daily prayer of the Rosary, especially together as a family.One of the most celebrated advocates of praying the Rosary in the 20th century has been Fr. Patrick Peyton (January 9, 1909 - June 3, 1992), who is well known for his slogan: The family that prays together stays together.Many popes such as John Paul II have explained the significance of the Rosary and encouraged praying it.

How long does it take to make rosary beads?

If you are talking about actually making a rosary, that would depend entirely on what kind of rosary you were making, what materials you were using, and how skilled you were. If you are talking about praying an average rosary (one set of five mysteries), then your prayer should take about twenty minutes if you are doing it correctly. See the related question below on how to properly pray the rosary.

What is robbie keane's tattoo?

He has Praying Hands w/rosary tattoo on his left shoulder and a Celtic Cross on his other.

What does a fake rosary look like?

I have never seen or heard of a fake rosary. There are little rosaries that are called chaplets for praying to patron saints. They look like a rosary but might have a different medal instead of a crucifix or a different number of beads on it. It is used the same as a rosary, for praying to a patron saint for help or to meditate in prayer to that saint. Chaplets exist for Saints like St. Patrick, St. Teresa, Divine Mercy, St. Michael, etc. You can buy them at most religious stores.