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Cars for Breast cancer, Cars for United States Troops, and Purple Heart Cars are nationwide organizations that accept junk cars as donations. Donation Line and Action Donate both have locations in Sacramento, CA as well.

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2013-08-21 12:03:55
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Q: What organizations accept junk car donations in Sacramento California?
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What are some of the organizations that accept donations from charity parachuting at Sibson Airfield?

There are several organizations that accept donations from charity parachuting at Sibson Airfield. Some of these organizations include: Magpas, Cavernoma Alliance UK, and Royal Marines Association.

Are there apartments in Sacramento California that accept tenants with evictions?

Are there apartments in Sacramento California that work with people had eviction.

Where can one make car donations in New Jersey?

There are a number of organizations in New Jersey that are known to accept car donations. Kars 4 Kids and Purple Heart Cars, for example, accept car donations.

What organizations accept cars for donations?

There are several Military and Veteran Organizations that will accept Cars for Donations. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, the Fisher House Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation. The AMVETS Charities and Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust also accept Car Donations.

What are some popular websites online that accepts donations?

Practically all charitable organizations like WWF and the SFLC can accept donations. Most open source software projects also accept donations to cover their hosting expenses.

Is there anywhere to take my donations of cars, clothes, and old jewelery in Connecticut? lists all of the available organizations that accept donations in Connecticut

Which organizations accept charitable car donations?

Feed the Children, Children's Wishes, Unicef, DARE, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital all accept charitable car donations. To find more organizations that do, one can go to the Car Donation Wizard website.

Which charitable organizations accept the donation of a used car?

Charitable organizations that accept donations of used cars include Charity Car Canada, Donate A Car, Charity Navigator, and Canadian Diabetes Association.

What are some charities that accept car donations in NJ?

Vietnam Veterans Car Donation, as well as Cars for Breast Cancer are both organizations that accept donations in New Jersey. Also, the American Kidney Foundation accepts them.

Where can someone find information on charities that accept cars as a donation?

One can find various charities on the internet that accept cars for donations. Some organizations can be located by contacting the IRS for publications of charitable organizations that accept cars and give tax receipts for the car.

Where can one make vehicle donations?

There are many different organizations that accept vehicle donations. A couple of these are Wheels for Wishes and One Car Helps Heart as well as Online Car Donation.

Which charitable organisations will accept a donation of cars?

Numerous charitable organizations will accept vehicle donations. These include certain branches of Goodwill and even American Red Cross at certain times of year.

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