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What organs are affected by pancreatitis?


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Pancreatitis is an inflammation of pancreas.So pancreas.


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Pancreatitis is a very serious condition where the affected person may show signs of major illness. If one has pancreatitis, they may have symptoms of feeling really sick, vomiting, fever, nausea, or other sick related feelings.

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Some of the complications of pancreatitis are due to shock. When shock occurs, all of the body's major organs are deprived of blood and the oxygen it carries, resulting in damage. Kidney, respiratory, and heart failure are serious risks of shock.

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas caused by leakage of active digestive enzymes into the pancreatic tissue. This causes various clinical signs but most pets affected by acute pancreatitis have abdominal pain, depression and decreased appetite or lack of appetite. Vomiting and diarrhea occur in many dogs with pancreatitis. In severe cases of pancreatitis there may be signs of shock or total collapse. Chronic pancreatitis in dogs may occur, with similar but less severe symptoms. The signs of acute pancreatitis similar to those seen in dogs are not as common in cats and probably account for less than 25% of the cases of pancreatitis among felines. Cats are more likely to have chronic pancreatitis, characterized by a decrease in appetite, lethargy, loss of weight, chronic vomiting and low body temperatures. For dogs there are two cornerstones to treatment for pancreatitis, control pain and control fluid and electrolyte disturbances. If these two things can be accomplished the prognosis for living through the pancreatitis improves a great deal.

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