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What organs does the brain work with?

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Your brain works with all of the organs in your body, without your brain you would be nothing

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List the organs that work with the brain?

The organs the brain works with are: heart, lungs, kidneys etc!

What organs work with the brain?

all of them

Does the human brain work with any other organs in the human body?

the brain works with all organs.

What other organs do the eye work with?

the brain

Can your brain still work if some of your organs do not?


Does the lungs work with another organ?

The lungs in fact do work with other organs. It works with the heart, and the brain. After the blood recieves oxygen from the lungs it will then travel to the brain and the rest of the organs.

How do you work with the other organs in your system?

you don't have to the brain and heart do all the work

What other organs or system do the brain work closely with?

All of them.

What organ in charge of the work of all other organs?


What are organs that work with heart?

The lungs, the circulatory system, and the brain :D

What organs are IN the brain?

the organs inside of your brain is the cerebrum,cerebellum,and the brain stem

What orgens do the brain work with?

Your brain virtually works with all of your organs, even your skin! because your brain controls all of your actions.

Is the brain connected to organs?

YES.yes it is. the organs are operated by the brain.

How many organs are there in the brain?

your brain is an organ and there fore had no organs in it

How does the brain work with other organs to keep the body healthy?

The brain helps by telling the blood cells what to do and were to go.

What organs work with the spinal cord?

the spinal cord works with the brain, and others

How your senses organs work together?

Every single function of the body is managed and controlled by the 'brain', including our organs and senses.

What other organs work with the heart?

other organs that work with the heart are the lungs, the brain, the blood vessels, the red and white blood cells, and the nerves and veins

How does the brain work with other organs in the body?

There is corelation between the brain and the organs (infact with the whole body) where this happens with the help of the nervous system (nerves) and the endocrine system (hormones),both these systems act as messengers for transmiting inoformation from the brain to the organs and vice versa.

How does the brain work with other systems?

The brain is like the central control system of the body. The brain sends messages to and receives messages from other organs and systems.

What organs work in the nervous system?

The brain, the spinal cord plus all the fibers of neurons that bring information in and out of the brain and cord.

What connects tissue and organs to the brain?

The spinal cord connects tissues and organs to the brain.

What helps your sense organs work together nerves or muscles?

Your brain coordinates the activity of your senses.

How do your eyes work with other organs?

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How does the brain work with other organs?

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