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what other animals live in the fennec foxs habitat.

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What other animals share the hedgehogs habitat?

There are other animals that the Hedgehog will share its habitat with. It may share its habitat with several groundhogs.

What animals eat fennec foxes?

Fennec Foxes are eaten by the African Eagle Owl and any other mammal that is bigger than it.

What other animals live in horses habitat?

it is a cow a donkey and other animals

Why animals prefer tropical habitat?

Tropical animals do. Other animals prefer other habitats.

With what animals do giant pandas share a habitat?

They don't share a habitat with any other species of animals other than the Giant panda.

What is ecolis habitat?

in the body of other animals

How are food chains alike?

Food chains are alike Because all food chains show how animals eat other animals

How do fennec hear?

I'm pretty sure they here through their ears, just like most other animals.

Do lions share their habitat?

Yes, in the wild, lions share their habitat with other lions and animals.In the zoo, lions only share their habitat with other lions.

Do caterpillars get along with other animals in their habitat?

Um...... I think the caterpillar would get along with other animals for it is harmless.

How do tigers differ from other animals?

It is by its habits, habitat and appereance....

What other animals live in the same habitat as the koala?

Koalas live in the tree tops and jungles of Australia. There are many other animals that share this habitat, including large snakes, birds of prey, and other mammals.

What other animals live in a dolphins habitat?

all water animals .e.g .whales, and orcas

What other animals live in the alligators habitat?

Many animals live with alligators like pandas

What animals live in a park habitat?

squirrels rabbits and lots of other animals it depends on what habitat u live in there are brown bears (very friendly) chipmunks

What does the fennec fox hunt?

a fennec fox hunts birds,insects,and other things

What other animals live in the same habitat as whales?

another mammal that shares the same habitat with a whale is a dolphin

What animals live in the Antarctic habitat?

penguins, seals and other life.

What other animals live in a crocodiles habitat?

A fish for the crocodile to eat!

What other plants and animals live in the same habitat as a rabbit?

A rabbit would normally share its habitat with animals like squirrels, rats, birds, jackals and snakes. Plants in the habitat may include herbs, fruits, hay, weeds and other vegetables.

Could other animals live in king cobra habitat?

Many other animals live in the king cobra's habitat in and around Southeast Asia. In fact, the tropical zones have some of the biggest biodiversity on the planet.

What other animals live in the same habitat as the Panda?

Another animal that lives in the same habitat as a panda is a snow leopard!

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