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Harvey the Hound was the first nhl mascot.

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When the flames relocated to Calgary from atlanta they became the only team to ever retain their team name flames what other fact is unique to the Calgary Flames during this move?

the uniform style did not change but the logo went from an "a" to a "c"

Who was the last player to wear 12 for the Calgary Flames before Jarome Iginla?

Hakan Loob Actually- although this answer is widely given. it was in fact Paul Kruse who last wore #12 for the flames in 96

What is a unique fact about Bahrain?

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probably through the fire and flames!!! Through the Fire and Flames; Guns have never been about raw speed. In fact, the fact that they aren't/weren't afraid to slow down was their best quality.

What is a unique fact about Spain?

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Who was the best Calgary Flames goaltender ever?

as far as pure goalie stats goes one would have to say Miika Kiprusoff, but the fact that the game has been completely revolutionized in the last 15 years can't be overlooked. As far as leadership and a desire to win goes, Mike Vernon would have to be a lock for this title. He led us through all of our glory years and backstopped the Flames to their one and only cup the flames only have 1 cup because they like to take it in the hizhouse

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One unique fact about Maryland is that the largest fish ever caught weighed 200 pounds and 21 oz.

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It depends on the person, people call me unique and I know for a fact I'm crazy

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Botticelli is unique by the way he paints and the fact the he was one of the first Renaissance artists.

What makes earths moon unique?

The only thing that makes it different from other moons, is the fact that it is the only moon that orbits the Earth.

What equals 83?

Only 83, no other number. The fact that each number is unique is a very important property of the number system.

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There is also a cold desert.

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It has the pyramid of Giza!

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the fact that ahm wondering if you are a stalker

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It is the planet we live on

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fun, fact, fat, fire, funnel, fumes, fairy, flames, freedom, friend...

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Azerbaijan is called "The Land of Fire" or "The Land of Eternal Flames" due to the fact that the ancient Persian religion, Zoroastrianism, was "big" there. Zoroaster, the prophet of the religion, was born in Azerbaijan, or as they called it Azarapadegan. Some say the origin of the name "Land of Eternal Flames" comes from the fact that natural gas would seep out from hills and the fire would essentially be eternal.

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