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i think that the classes i would need to take is medical classes!

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Q: What other fields of medical training must you have to become an anesthesiologist?
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What education and training are required to become a healthcare worker?

Of course it would have to depend on what field in the healthcare industry you are going to go to but there are some fields out there that does not require training. Like pharmacy technicians for example, some of them used to just get an OJT and they are good to go before. The good news is that you can also opt for online training programs for most medical/healthcare fields like medical transcription and medical billing and coding.

What is allied health training and how much does it cost?

Allied health training is training in fields like medical, acupuncture, chiropractic and other medical fields. The cost depends on the school you get training from. The average cost of a class is between $50 and $100 per credit hour.

Who makes morer an anesthesiologist or a neurosurgeon?

Sadly an anesthesiologist. but, if you are considering either of those fields, knowing that 'morer' is not a word will help you in the future.

Is basic life support training required for healthcare workers?

For some fields in the healthcare industry, they are part of the training program before they are able to work in the field but there are also fields in the industry where it is not that necessary such as medical transcriptionists, billers and coders.

What are the best schools to become a surgical tech?

Some of the best schools to become are surgical test are schools that practice in Medical fields souly, such as a local school who has the best science fields.

What do they mean when they ask for special training on job application in healthcare?

They may ask and even require that for certain fields in the healthcare industry. You may be asked to have a certification for basic life support training, first aid training, CPR training, etc. for some fields but there are also training such as medical transcription, billing and coding training for those working as support for the healthcare industry.

What job training can one receive by joining the US Army?

When joining the US Army, you can receive job training in almost any field. You can get training in fields such as Medical, Law, Transportation, Intelligence and more.

What training is required to become a food and health inspector?

The training involved in becoming a food inspector starts with a bachelors degree in related fields like ariculture or biology. You must then become certified and enroll in the USDA Inspection Training Program.

What are some good areas to consider now for career training?

A lot of medical fields dealing with behind the scenes stuff have really good job outlook. Look into medical technitian and medical coding jobs.

How can you become a health care compliance officer?

Most Healthcare Compliance Officers come from at least one of three disciplines: Hospital Admin, Legal and Security. Develop training in those fields and focus your legal studies on Medical Regulatory law.

Where can I find an online medical transcription school?

You can find Online medical transcription school on the following website, visit Career Step is an online vocational school offering training programs in medical transcription, medical coding and billing and other fields.

Where can I find Phlebotomy training in Los Angeles?

The best place in the LA area to get Phlebotomy training is at the Charles R. Drew University. They specialize in medical fields and you can see their phlebotomy training page at

What kind of job training opportunities are there in Orlando Florida?

Orlando, Florida has many job training opportunities available at this time. According to Career Builder the following fields have training opportunities: medical billing/coding, aviation technician, massage therapy, probation worker, medical administrative assistant, surgical technician, and paralegal/legal assistant. These are some great opportunities.

What kind of training is necessary for ultrasound tech jobs?

The requirements necessary for ultrasound technician jobs are: degree in sonography or similar medical fields and accreditation from organisations like the American Registry for Diagnostics Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

What training do you get when you become a volcanologist?

A volcanologist needs training in many different fields. calculus, physics, geology and mechanics all need to be taken. Most volcanologists have a PH.D although some feel a master's degree is sufficient.

What is the goal of nstp?

The goal of the NSTP (National Service Training Program) is to build the skill levels of individuals in service industries. The participants are taught to be mentors of others and trained in their individual fields so that they can become the best at what they do. Some of the service industries include medical professionals, home aides, and educational mentors.

Is there a certification process for becoming a Medical Assistant?

Yes. Like in most medical fields or jobs there requires some kind of training or test that you must take to get the job. In this field there is one. You can go to your local college or hospital and ask for a form to fill out.

What is medical coding training?

Medical Coding training is a school or education program, that takes medical codes that are abbreviated and written in latin, and teaches you to decode them so you can rewrite something a doctor has quickly jotted down.

What is resident independence?

in medical fields

What is Chubb Institute now known as?

The Chubb Institute is now known as the Anthem Institute. It was renamed this on August 31, 2008. This institution specializes in insurance and training in medical fields is now offered.

What educational requirements are needed to apply for a Medical Coroner position?

The requirements to become a medical coroner are different in different countries. In the UK a degree In law or be medicine is required along with five years experience in one of these fields.

What training do you have to have for dermatology?

Dermatology is a one of the fields or sub-divisions in medical studies. In order to be a dermatologist, a doctor needs to specialize in this particular field. After completing the MBBS, the doctor has to get another degree that is a specialization in dermatology and then one becomes a dermatologist. This higher education is the training that you need to have for dermatology.

How do nurses advance in their fields?

continueng educaTION AND TRAINING

How many years of school is need to become a medical scientist?

There are many types of positions and sub-fields under this category. However, typically the minimum degree requirements for entry level positions within some fields is a master's degree. For research positions a doctorate is required. Some other fields may require a medical degree such as a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree (DO).

What are some of the medical fields that Medscape CME specializes in?

Some of the medical fields that Medscape CME specializes in depends on which website one visits. It is likely that one may receive continuing medical education credits if one is a physician or nurse or medical assistant.